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The basic legislative documents governing the supervision over training of staff for nuclear installations is Act No. 130/1998 Coll. as well as other relevant legislation:

  • Order CSKAE No. 6/1980 Coll. on securing of nuclear safety in commissioning and operation of nuclear installations;

  • Regulation of CSKAE No. 191/1989 Coll. which sets method, terms and conditions for verification of professional skills of selected staff of nuclear installations;

  • General criteria for training of staff for nuclear installations issued by CSKAE in 1991.

UJD concentrated on the overall system of preparation and development of projects aimed at training for individual categories of staff for V-1 NPP and V-2 NPP, SE-VYZ and EMO NPP. During 1998 there were 3 inspections related to training of NPP staff at EBO NPPs, 5 inspections at EMO NPP and one each at SE-VYZ and VUJE Trnava.

Basic theoretical preparation, training on the simulator for EBO NPPs and periodical theoretical preparation and training on the simulator are realized by the Training center of VUJE Trnava, practical and other periodical training is organized by EBO NPPs. Basic theoretical preparation for EMO NPP staff and periodical theoretical preparation and other periodical training is made by EMO NPP.

According to Act No. 130/1998 Coll. and regulation of CSKAE No. 191/1989 Coll. staff whose working activity has a direct impact on nuclear safety are subject to examination of special professional skills, i.e.

examination of the summary of their professional knowledge and skills. Examination of special skills is done in a form of exam by the Examining Committee instituted by the chairman of UJD and composed of representatives of UJD, EBO NPPs, EMO NPP, VUJE Trnava and specialists from the Slovak Technical University. The state exam consists of a written exam from the theoretical part, an oral exam from the theoretical part and a practical test. The practical test is in a form of training at the control room of nuclear installation, where a selected staff member is manipulating the equipment under the supervision of an instructor. In case of the new EMO NPP this part of exam was replaced by practical exam on the simulator.

Based on successful passing of exam before the Examining Committee UJD issues licenses for activity of selected staff members for the given type of nuclear installation and for the required positions.

Validity of the license is two years from the date of its issue. In case of passing the exam with excellent grade upon request of the responsible organization selected staff of V-2 NPP may be granted licenses for 4 years, provided it is a repeated renewal of the license.

Written tests are generated for each examined staff member by computer from the database of test questions in the training center of VUJE Trnava. For individual positions - categories of selected staff of V-1 and V-2 NPPs, and EMO NPP so that the questions in the test in both written and oral part cover equally individual equipment and regimes of NPP operation.

The database covers new questions resulting from modifications realized on NPPs. Part of the exam, in case of promotion to a higher position, is a practical part which is done under a direct supervision of the instructor during 4 - 10 weeks after a successful passing of both written and oral parts of exam.

Last year the Examining Committee met 15 times for oral theoretical exams and 3 times for practical exams on the simulator of EMO NPP. Total number of valid licenses for selected personnel for 1998 are presented as follows:


UJD also issued 3 licenses for training of NPP personnel based on a favorable result for 1 JE EMO employee (simulator training) and 2 employees of VUJE Trnava training center.

During 1998 the approval process for the multifunctional simulator V 230 was in progress for training of staff of nuclear installation of EBO V-1 NPP which was approved as a part of technical equipment of specialized installation authorized for training of staff of NPPs. It will be used in the training process for EBO V-1 NPP staff.

Works on projects related to Systemic Approach to Training of NPP personnel and improving the quality of maintenance staff training continued in 1998. However, recently the situation with hiring staff for NPPs is getting worse and the interest of students to study conventional and nuclear energy is declining.

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