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The main effort spent in this area concentrated on checking development and implementation of the first two levels of QA programs documentation by the operators EBO NPPs, EMO NPP, and SE-VYZ.

There was a follow up inspection of the implementation of corrective measures adopted by REKON and EBO NPPs in the gradual reconstruction of EBO V-1 NPP, with satisfactory results. There were three inspections at EMO NPP.

Inspection at SE-VYZ focused on preparation of staff, procurement of goods and services and radiation safety.

No discrepancies with the requirements of UJD were found during this inspection.

During these inspections no violation of principles of nuclear safety was found. There was only one discrepancy with the requirements of UJD and a number of internal discrepancies in the quality systems.

Inspection protocols contained 16 measures in total.

During 1998 continued the process of approval of the top-level quality system documents of operators and suppliers. UJD has approved:

  • overall and partial program of QA for EMO NPP operation,

  • partial program of QA for SE-VYZ operation and a partial program of QA for Bohunice processing center,

  • partial program of QA for operation of nuclear installations of VUJE Trnava (cementing line and experimental incinerator for RAW).

In connection with the Act No. 130/1998 Coll. "on peaceful use of nuclear energy", a draft regulation of UJD on QA for nuclear installations was prepared for commenting by the ministries at the end of the year.

Besides that also an inspection procedure was prepared for inspections of quality systems and QA for the license holders.

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