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Interim spent fuel storage operated at the site of Jaslovské Bohunice is used as an interim storage of spent fuel from EBO V-1 and V-2 NPP. The storage is a wet pool type with storage capacity of 5040 of spent fuel assemblies. It has been in commercial operation since 1987. According to the original plan the spent fuel was to be stored for approx. 10 years in this interim storage facility and then transported to the Russian Federation for deposition or re-processing.

At the beginning of the 90-ties, as a result of political and economic changes in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, transportation of spent fuel from Czechoslovakia to the Russian Federation was stopped.

Therefore in 1996 a decision was taken to extend the storage capacity of the existing storage and that is through a shape and capacity change in the type of storage container, which will allow to place 14112 fuel assemblies in 3 pools of the current storage. This storage capacity will be sufficient for storage of all spent fuel produced during the entire operation of EBO V-1 and V-2 NPP. At the same time it was decided to prolong the period of storing spent fuel to 50 years. Reconstruction of this interim spent fuel storage, besides the already mentioned change of the container type, includes also seismic upgrading of the building and technology systems and a renovation of the cooling system. The method for meeting these requirements was presented in the Preliminary safety report submitted to UJD in 1997 for review. Based on the results of review an approval was issued to reconstruct this storage facility.

Reconstruction works were launched in 1998. For each activity influencing nuclear safety an operative program was prepared which was submitted to UJD for review.

Completion of reconstruction is planned for mid 1999.

Assessment activity

During 1998 the operator of this storage facility submitted to UJD of operative programs for reconstruction of individual technology parts of the interim spent fuel storage for review. During the review process there were no shortcomings found which would have a negative effect on nuclear safety of the spent fuel during the reconstruction, UJD issued a positive statement to all submitted operative programs. In the course of the year also "Limits and Conditions" for the period of reconstruction were reviewed and approved.

Inspection activity

Inspection activity of UJD focused on meeting the Limits and Conditions and operational instructions for the storage facility. Results of inspections showed that there was no violation of operational instructions and "Limits and conditions" in inspected installation and also that there was no violation of nuclear and radiation safety. During an unplanned inspection at the interim spent fuel storage at the end of 1998 it was found that the reconstruction works were performed in compliance with the approved operative programs.

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