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A-1 NPP had been in operation for 4 years in experimental regime and was definitely shut down after the second accident in February 1977 (INES level 4). The current concept for decommissioning was adopted by the Government resolution in 1992 and its first phase was implemented according to the plan submitted in 1994-95. In 1998 the Government monitored the most important tasks related to decommissioning. The main activities in 1998 at A-1 NPP were connected with preparation of spent fuel for transportation. Special equipment was used to prepare 64 fuel assemblies, which were transported to the Russian Federation in 4 transports. For this purpose handling and storage facility for spent fuel was used, which was commissioned at the beginning of 1998. Assembly of the long-term spent fuel storage and tanks for interim storage of chrompik has been in progress. Vitrification of chrompik, decontamination and dismantling works also continued. In parallel also construction and preparation for commissioning of a fragmentation facility and large capacity decontamination line for fragmentation and further processing of metal waste was going on.

Assessment activity

Assessment activity of UJD was focused on review of safety documentation to relevant activities and on approval of relevant quality assurance programs, facility commissioning programs and limits and conditions of safe operation. In 1998 also the conceptual plan for decommissioning of A-1 NPP was reviewed, describing all phases of this project.

Inspection activities

Inspection activity of UJD at A1 NPP was to focused to nuclear, radiation and fire safety of facility for transportation of spent fuel, to the decommissioning works on A1 NPP, to implementation of modifications, radioactive waste management, to the readiness of new parts of installation for commissioning and to monitoring and assessment of discharges from the nuclear power plant. Unplanned inspection checked adherence to limit and conditions in the long-term storage for spent fuel A1 NPP. Inspection activity on A1 NPP was complemented with inspection activities common for the whole SE-VYZ, e.g. keeping records of limits and conditions, meeting of quality assurance program, plan of notification and warning, and activities of shift personnel in planning emergency exercises. Among the typical shortcomings still remains insufficient internal checking of documentation and not meeting deadlines for realization of individual works. Measures imposed to the operator by UJD were fulfilled in due course. In 1998 there have been no operational events recorded at A1 NPP.

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