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UJD Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic
SE Slovak Power Company
EBO NPPs Nuclear Power Plants Bohunice
EMO NPP Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce
SE-VYZ SE - Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations and Management of RAW and Nuclear Spent Fuel
JZ Nuclear Installations
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
CSKAE Czechoslovak Atomic Energy Commission
NPP Nuclear Power Plant
RAW Radioactive Wastes
RURAW National RAW Repository
MSVP Interim Spent Fuel Storage
QA Quality Assurance
KKC Emergency Response Center
SHM Slovak Hydro-meteorological Institute
CSFR Czech and Slovak Federative Republic
CSSR Czech and Slovak Socialistic Republic
PWR Pressurized Water Reactor
NUSAC Nuclear Safety Assistance Co-ordination
EC European Community
CEE Central and East European Countries
BSC Bohunice Radioactive Wastes Treatment Center
RAM Regulatory Assistance Management Group
CTBTO Organization of Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty
PpBS Pre-operational Safety Analysis Report
LaP Limits and Conditions
I&C Instrumentation and Control Systems
HCC Main reactor coolant pump
SG Steam generator
PO Primary Circuit
SO Secondary Circuit
KO Pressuriser
GO overhaul
NECRA Governmental Emergency Commission for Radiation Accidents
ORS NECRA Technical Support Group
K Emergency Headquarters
PP Operation procedures
HW, SW Hardware, Software
WANO World Association of Nuclear Operators
PSA Probabilistic Safety Assesment
IRRT International Review Regulatory Team
NPAA National Program Adoption of Acquis communautaire

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