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The year 1998 was the sixth year of existence of UJD. Since its establishment as an independent central body of state administration it has been proving a high quality of work, competency in the field of state supervision over nuclear safety of nuclear installations and the entire nuclear process in Slovakia every day.

This highly demanding professional work could be managed only with a team of staff who achieves a high professional level, which is required in hiring employees.

Professional demand on highly qualified staff -inspectors - does not correspond with their wage assessment which means that it is a problem to hire and keep the necessary number of staff for meeting the tasks related to inspection activities. Educational structure of all employees documents that nearly 75% have university degree. As of 31. 12. 1998 UJD had 73 employees and the activity was funded from the national budget. Besides that under an extraordinary assistance of the Swiss government a project was funded focused on support activity in a form of safety analyses and technical support with 6 employees. In 1998 the current activity of UJD and related expenditures represented SK 39 176 thous. and SK 2 694 thous. was drawn for procurement of tangible and intangible assets, which in summary represents the total drawing from the state budget of SK 41 870 thous.

Significant share on current expenditures is taken by payroll costs - SK 15 246 thous. and for insurance of employees required by the law it was another SK 5 042 thous.

Another significant item of expenditures are expenditures related to tasks of science and technology development in a volume of SK 5 054 thous. Their development of funding has a decreasing trend from the beginning of their solution.

With respect to the importance and quality of the decision-making process in performing state supervision over nuclear safety of nuclear installations, RAW, spent fuel management, nuclear materials, UJD is getting various expert opinions and analyses from professional workplaces in a form of assignments which serve as further support for qualified decision-making in the area of state supervision over nuclear safety. Procurement and cost of these represented SK 1 305 thous.

Other expenditures in a volume of SK 12 529 thous.

represent travel expenses, procurement of goods and services to be used in the process, rent and other input cost. They include also consideration ship fees to international organization - the IAEA, for technical assistance provided to the Slovakia.

From the budget management point of view, year 1998 allowed to secure the priorities and tasks set in the area of state supervision. It allowed filling in the vacancies and to complete and material and technical equipment, as well as conditions for quality working environment for its employees




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