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This annual report of UJD shows that the year 1998 was a very demanding one with regard to tasks in the area of legislation, assessment and inspection activities, as well as international cooperation. Thanks to an effective supervision, but also thanks to the endeavors of JE operator, as well as the subsidiaries, EBO NPPs, EMO NPP and SE-VYZ the operation of nuclear installations in Slovakia was safe and reliable. UJD can give this statement based on the assessment of safety indicators, operational events, meeting limits and conditions of safe operation, evaluation of the safety culture of nuclear installations operators and results of extensive inspection activity of UJD inspectors. Infrastructure, which in Slovakia is created to support nuclear energy, contributes also to good results. These are mainly research and technical organizations, as for example NPP Research Institute Trnava, Research Institute of Energy Installations Levice, Welding Research Institute Bratislava, Relko Bratislava and other. In 1998 more than 60 organizations in Slovakia applied for a license for activities on nuclear installations according to the law on peaceful use of nuclear energy. This represents a huge potential contributing to safe operation and safety improvement of nuclear installations in Slovakia. UJD appreciates all assistance and support received from international organizations, governments of states with advanced nuclear energy, but also from the Government of Slovak Republic and other Slovak authorities and organizations.

For 1999 UJD has prepared an extensive program of inspections and safety assessment with the aim to ensure that the operation of nuclear installations will be safe and that in no case it will be a danger for the citizens of the Slovak Republic, or citizens of our neighboring countries.

© Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic, 1999