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An important part in the area of legislation was completion of activities related to adoption of the Law "on peaceful use of nuclear energy". The Law was adopted in the third reading on 1 April 1998 and came into effect on 1 July 1998. UJD gave clarification and explanation to all decisive organizations in Slovakia participating on the nuclear program. Based on empowering provisions of the law there are 16 implementation decrees being developed to this law.

Commenting procedure to 8 draft decrees took place among the relevant ministries. According to Act No. 130/1998 Coll. there will be more paid proceedings of UJD than so far (especially in granting licenses to legal entities and natural persons).

Therefore a new rate list of administrative fees was prepared and a proposal to amend the law was submitted to the Ministry of Finance. Within the inter-ministerial commenting procedure UJD issued 80 opinions on proposals of generally binding legal regulations.

Within the inter-ministerial commenting procedure UJD issued 80 opinions on proposals of generally binding legal regulations. UJD is also a party to the commenting procedure to drafts of technical standards. According to the law on Czecho-Slovak technical standards it issued 80 opinions on proposals of technical standards.

Activity Report in the Area of European Integration

UJD is responsible in the area of nuclear safety within the process of preparation for accession to the European Union in the full scope of Acquis Communautaire (NPAA). Formally this issue is classified in two sectors: Energy (no. 14) and Environment (No. 22).

In the energy sector it is mainly those parts of contract with EURATOM related to inspection and stock of nuclear materials, external relations in the area of nuclear energy and safety of nuclear installations. In the sector of environment it is the area of inspection of transportation of RAW and nuclear materials, obligation to inform the public in case of radiation threat, and development of emergency plans. Also in sector No. 22 the issue of nuclear installations safety is the focus of concern.

For the above mentioned areas texts and tables were prepared for the National Program for Adoption of Acquis Communautaire, which characterize the status of implementation of the relevant legislative documents of the EU into the national legislation. These data are updated quarterly. Requirements for the financial memorandum on securing NPAA were formulated, respecting the focus of PHARE projects on priority areas among which is also formation and support of independent state supervision over nuclear safety.

Expert materials for negotiation of the SR-EU subcommittee for energy, nuclear safety, environment 48 and regional policy were prepared. Its meeting was held on 5. 3. 1998. The main topic of negotiation in the area of safety was A-1 NPP, and EBO V-1 and V-2 NPPs, as well as the position of the regulator. At a separate meeting on environment on 20. 3. 1998 UJD was covering the issue of RAW management, inspection of nuclear materials and situation in the emergency planning and the coverage of these issued by legislation (the new atomic act).

One of the most significant meetings was the 4th session of the Association Council of SR-EU on the level of foreign ministers in Luxembourg. UJD prepared a special material on the issue of safety of nuclear installations. Result of a controversial discussion about the safety of EBO V-1 NPP was a recommendation formulated in the conclusions of the meeting and that was to shift the issue of safety of EBO V-1 NPP from political to the expert level.

On 11 and 12 June and on 29 June 1998 there were screening negotiations held in Brussels for sectors 14 and 22 (common for countries which do not belong to the first group of countries invited to negotiations). Here, based on clarification of the EU requirements- Acquis communautaire, representatives of Slovakia commented and clarified the status and prospects of enforcement of requirements in the legislative area and their implementation. Impacts of the integration process on the area of responsibility of UJD were assessed and several times updated.

The last one was done in September 1998 for the summary report on possible impacts of integration of Slovakia into the EU together with proposals for the negotiations in which it would be desirable to get a temporary tolerance in the EU requirements (operation of EBO V-1 NPP).

At the central translation unit established at the Institute for Law Approximation the most important documents of the EU in the area of nuclear energy were translated into Slovak. Review of the EU requirements for recognition of qualification was elaborated and materials for the screening process were prepared with the aim to ask for respecting the specifics of the nuclear industry and its requirements for qualification.

Regular report of the EC on the level or preparedness of Slovakia for the EU membership of November 2, 1998 was evaluated. Materials prepared for Ministry of Foreign Affairs were used for negotiations of the special working group dealing with preparation of Slovakia's accession to the EU.

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