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The main effort of UJD have been focused on an inspection of quality assurance programs of SE a.s. and its daughter companies at Bohunice and Mochovce.
Quality assurance inspection in the area of procurement and maintenance of selected items has been conducted at the Bohunice site.

The inspection of implementation of quality assurance program for operation of NPP Mochovce in the area of operation control has been performed with focus on in-service inspections, technical support and non conformance control. One violation of quality documentation requirements in the area of start-up preparation inspection has been found.
The inspection of quality assurance program for operation of BSC implementation in the area of radwaste treatment, in-service inspections, metrology and maintenance has been performed Minor non-conformances of quality documentation have been found out.
The inspection in VUJE Trnava in the area of readiness to design a modernisation of units of NPP V-2 Bohunice has been performed. The inspection has been focussed mainly on the organisational and procurement background, design engineers qualification, technical assurance and quality documentation.

No violations of the relevant regulation on quality assurance of selected items or other important non-conformances of quality systems of operators were found during those inspections.
Also inspection of license holders - designers, companies Energoprojekty Bratislava a Energoprojekt Slovakia Nitra. No serious non-conformances of quality systems or violations of issued authorisations have been found.
Based on analysis of quality assurance inspection activity carried out in 2001 it was concluded that the results of inspections were generally satisfactory, no non-conformance of inspected organisations with regulation were found and 22 orders for corrective actions implementation were issued.
The process of assessment and approval of top quality assurance documents and changes thereof has been continuing in 2001. UJD approved in 2001:

partial quality assurance program for operation of NPP Mochovce
partial quality assurance program for operation of nuclear installations of VUJE Trnava

During 2001 also following items were assessed:

overall quality assurance program for modernisation of NPP V-2 Bohunice and

quality assurance program for operation of SE VYZ were assessed during 2001

In addition 22 individual quality assurance programs for selected items at individual nuclear installations were approved to be in compliance with requirements of pertinent regulation.  

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