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Supervisory activity of UJD upon the safety of nuclear installations in compliance with the “Atomic Act” and other legal regulations includes inspection and assessment activities of UJD.

Assessment activity

The assessment activity of UJD in relation to nuclear installation lies in assessment of safety documentation for constructions realised as nuclear installations, or construction through which changes on nuclear installations are realised. The scope of safety documentation required for the assessment is stipulated by the Atomic Act. The assessment activity of UJD in 2001 was focused on National Repository of Radwaste (RU RAO) in Mochovce, on radwaste conditioning and treatment technology (BSC RAO) in Jaslovské Bohunice and on the assessment of documentation for the project of modernisation of Bohunice V-2 NPPs which is under preparation.

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View of the Bohunice NPPs site

Activities of UJD had been mainly focused on review and assessment of design modifications, quality assurance programmes, changes in limits and conditions (LaP), operating procedures, changes in programmes of periodical testing of equipment important in terms of nuclear safety and changes in physical protection of nuclear facilities.
Significant activities of UJD include the evaluation of maintaining limits and conditions of safe operation, the evaluation of operational safety performance indicators and evaluation of the results of inspection activities.
The assessment of nuclear installation operational safety based on the assessment of operational events is a separate category in the assessment activity of UJD. The UJD decree on events at nuclear facilities which establishes a systematic approach to event categorising, reporting and finding out their causes and to informing public on events is the basic regulation document for performing of these activities
The assessment of the technical condition of equipment, important in terms of nuclear safety, primarily based on results of in-service inspections and surveillance testing of safety related components and systems, is also a part of the safety assessment of nuclear installation operation. The assessment activity of UJD in 2001 was also targeted to applicants for authorisation in compliance with the “Atomic Act”.
The professional capability of applicant was verified in terms of:

technical equipment of the applicant
instrumentation equipment for measuring or testing, including inspections of meeting requirements specified by metrology procedures
personnel for development of implementation documentation, for assurance of technology discipline in manufacturing including welding and thermal treatment, technical control and testing after completion of manufacturing (mounting)
quality assurance system determining system approaches (including responsibility) to the above activities.

The operators in compliance with the formerly issued decisions of UJD ensure, after each fuel campaign, the assessment of residual service life of the essential technology equipment of reactor units. The assessment is performed in terms of low cycle (high deformation) fatigue and of the reactor vessel embrittlement. Based on the assessment of the evaluation documents submitted by the operator, it can be stated that fatigue service life time of equipment and also the values of critical temperature of brittleness of the reactor material are favourable and the safe operation of reactor units is assured. Within a framework of refuelling outage of reactor units the assessment activity of UJD was also focused on realisation of the programme of a systematic improvement of tightness of confinement. Through the implementation of this programme the improvement of tightness parameters of the confinement on operating reactor units was achieved also in 2001.

Inspection activity

Inspection activity specified in the “Atomic Act” is governed by an internal guideline, an important part of which is in the annual inspection plan. In compliance with the “Atomic Act” the UJD personnel perform also inspections during construction, modernisation, repair and maintenance of nuclear facilities. Inspection activity of UJD has been performed by nuclear safety inspectors, most of them have a long years experience in competent fields. The inspectors take part in training courses and participate in other technical meetings and workshops organised by the IAEA and also take part in special training courses organised by the Nuclear Authorities of European countries, USA and Japan.

Unplanned inspections are evoked by unexpected operational events on nuclear installations, or the regulator responds by them to the occurred situation in the organisation under supervision.

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