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UJD - Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic
SE - Slovak Electric Company, plc
NPPs Bohunice - Nuclear power Plants Bohunice
NPP Mochovce - Nuclear power Plant Mochovce
EU - European Union
EC - European Commission
RAW - Radioactive Waste
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
VÚJE - Nuclear Power Plants Research Institute
INES - International Nuclear Event Scale
POSAR - Pre-operational Safety Report
L&C - Limits and Conditions
BSC RAW - Bohunice Radioactive Waste Treatment Centre
RU RAW - National Radwaste Repository
ERC - Emergency Response Centre UJD
RF - Russian Federation
I&C - Instrumentation and Control Systems
SÚJB - State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic
RODOS - Real Time On-line Decision Support System
OECD/NEA - Organisational for Economic Co-operation and Development/ Nuclear Energy Agency
CTBTO - Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization
NUSAC - Nuclear Safety Assistance Co-ordination
US AID - US Agency for International Development
DOE - US Department of Energy
US NRC - US Nuclear Regulatory Commision
QA - Quality Assurance
GO - overhaul
MSVP - interim spent fuel storage
CEE - Countries of Eastern Europe

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