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Being based on the complex assessment of nuclear facilities safety in the Slovak Republic and being supported by the international assessment, UJD states that the operation of nuclear facilities in the Slovak Republic in 2001 was safe and reliable and all international commitments arising from the international conventions and agreements in the field of nuclear safety and nuclear materials were met. All commitments arising from bilateral agreements were likewise met. All tasks were fulfilled on the high expert level and UJD continued in its tendency to become internationally recognised organisation having a high acceptance.
I am pleased, that UJD experts as well as experts from other Slovak organisations, mainly SE and VUJE Trnava., actively participated in the assessment of nuclear safety in other countries, or actively participated in committees and commissions of the international organisations. This is the proof that the Slovak Republic has the experts able to achieve success on the international level.
Apart from the standard assessment of nuclear safety of all nuclear facilities, this year the attention will be paid mainly to the assessment of projects concerning the safety enforcement of Bohunice NPP V-2. UJD will supervise the fulfilment of recommendations elaborated by the European Commission Working Group for Nuclear Safety to ensure that the Slovak Republic is prepared in this field for the EU accession.
UJD participation in the second assessing meeting pursuant to Nuclear Safety Convention where the National Report and answers on all questions of all participating countries will be presented is considered to be a very important UJD activity.
A wide co-operation with the international organisation of IAEA, European Commission, OECD/NEA as well as bilateral co-operation with the neighbouring and other countries having contracts on co-operation with UJD shall continue.
The OECD/NEA mission that should assess the Slovak Republic’s preparedness for the membership in this organisation shall be the first step in 2002. The mission shall assess supervision, nuclear facilities as well as research basis of the Slovak Republic in this field. Certainly the implementation of Act on Civil Service and Act on Public Service in conditions of UJD shall also be an important issue to be treated.
UJD highly appreciates the assistance and support provided by the international organisations, governments of countries with the advanced nuclear sector and by the Slovak Government and other Slovak bodies and organisations. Co-operation with the Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations Organisation and to other international organisations in Vienna is considered very helpful and effective.
UJD will henceforward inform the public on its activities by means of the Annual Report, web site, press conferences and by contributions to the media in the Slovak Republic and abroad.

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