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Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic being the central state body of the Slovak Republic provides in the framework of its competence the information on safety of nuclear facilities independently of their operators. UJD enables the public and mass media to review data and information on nuclear facilities. The important point of being informed is to prove, that the area of nuclear energy use has its obligatory rules in the Slovak Republic and their observing is controlled by state through the independent institution - UJD. An establishment of UJD Information Centre as early as in 1995, the basis of conception of informing the public on UJD activities and on nuclear facilities safety was created. The Centre secures the communication with the public and mass media that helps create a positive picture on the independent regulatory authority supervising nuclear safety.

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Regular press conference of UJD on the activities of the UJD

Over the last year, the important attention was given to implementation of Act No 211/2000 of Coll. on Free Access to Information that entered into force on 1 January 2001. The Act established the right of the public to access to information at the disposal of state bodies, i.e. inter alia UJD, territorial self-governing bodies and other bodies managing the public resources. The Act obliges the state bodies to make basic and standard information on their activities automatically public, in order to make the information generally available and to make public administration easier and more transparent.
On 4 January 2001 UJD has issued the Regulation on Implementation of Act No 211/2000 of Coll. on Free Access to Information as amended regulating the implementation of the Act in the conditions of UJD.
The information boards with the basic data on making information available pursuant to the Act were established in UJD premises in Bratislava and in Trnava.
On 4 January 2002, UJD Regulation with emphasised place, time, way and new e-mail contact for making the information available pursuant to Act No 211/2000 of Coll. was published on UJD web site (
From January 2001, 56 requests were registered asking for the information (by phone, e-mail, letter or personally). One written request from Greenpeace was not satisfied since the information is a matter of business secret. The matter is in the proceeding of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic.

Communication with mass media and publishing

The Slovak press agencies, daily newspapers and electronic media were provided with 63 contributions on domestic and foreign UJD activities. UJD, together with SUJB, issues the expert journal “Bezpečnosť jadrovej energetiky (Nuclear Sector Safety)”. Two important articles on UJD legislative activities and on informing the public were published in monthly “Verejná správa (Public Administration)”. Contributions on supervisory activity and on UJD international co-operation are published regularly in “Spravodajstvo SE (SE Information Service)”, company journals “Mochovce” and “Bohunice”.
Domestic and foreign UJD activities were presented in 5 issues of “Bulletin Slovenskej nukleárnej spoločnosti (Slovak Nuclear Society Bulletin)”. This year, the report on nuclear facilities safety and on handling with spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in the Slovak Republic was published in European Nuclear Society journal “Nuclear Europe Worldscan No 7-8/2001”. Several important contributions were published in journal “Energia (Energy)”. Contributions on UJD tasks and mission in the Slovak Republic were published in “Energia almanach (Energy Almanac 2001/2002)” and in “Euro Nuclear”.
Three contributions on domestic and foreign UJD activities were prepared for the world information Agency NucNet. Slovak-English additional information document on UJD was elaborated and issued for the public in December 2001. The 2001Yearbook on UJD activities and on nuclear facilities safety in the Slovak Republic was prepared and issued in Slovak and English version. Four press conferences took place in 2001 in UJD followed by presentations of UJD leaders on TV and radio. UJD leaders came up 4 times to TV with their contributions and gave the Slovak Radio 4 interviews and journals and daily newspapers 5 important interviews.

Internal communication within UJD

Last year, UJD Information Centre was providing the thematic documents and consulting activities and securing the everyday exchange of information, fax, e-mail communication and documents between Bratislava and Trnava. Up-to-date information from STORIN Agency and NucNet and WANO were processed daily via PC network and forwarded to UJD leaders. Three UJD Bulletins on domestic and foreign UJD activities were elaborated and issued. Press was monitored daily and the information presented on boards in Trnava and Bratislava were also updated daily. Four photographic files (boards and albums) from the important UJD events and important domestic and foreign visits of UJD were prepared and presented in 2001. Two meetings of UJD employees were organised over the year. The participants were informed on the fulfilment of tasks concerning the respective workstations over the forgone period and on the amendments to legislation, changes of safety at work, amendments to Civil Code etc.

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