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Miroslav Lipár, predseda ÚJD SR

Dear readers,

l am very pleased to greet and welcome you in reading 2001 Annual Report of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (UJD).
I would like to assure you that over the 9th year of its existence UJD was monitoring with highest thoroughness the operation of nuclear facilities in the Slovak Republic. This is to ensure the Slovak Republic meets all its international commitments in the field of nuclear energy use and is safe, reliable and secure. It is to be said that the nuclear energy in the Slovak Republic is used exclusively for peaceful uses.

In 2001 UJD welcomed an international assessment of its activities and international assessment of nuclear facilities safety in the Slovak Republic. Undoubtedly, the most important was the assessment prepared by the Working Group of the European Commission, which was established to assess the performance of regulatory authorities, legislation, supervision and safety of nuclear facilities in the candidate countries interested in EU membership. For the Slovak Republic and UJD this assessment was especially positive and the group assessed the regulatory regime in the Slovak Republic to be comparable with the regulatory regime of the EU countries. The group assessed the safety of all nuclear facilities in the Slovak Republic very positively. Based on this assessment the negotiation chapter Energy was closed with the European Commission in October.
Another important document concerning the accession process is the Regular Report of the European Commission on the Slovak Republic. The Report traditionally evaluates UJD as the reliable and competent body, which, however, needs more resources to fulfil its tasks.
Both documents observed that also in 2001 UJD was fulfilling its tasks and mission on the high expert level, however, to fulfil all tasks on the high quality level UJD needs to be personally and financially enforced.
In 2001 UJD has issued licences enabling permanent operation of the new facilities being in construction, in the process of putting into operation, in trial operation or in reconstruction over the last years. The results of reconstruction were assessed by the international team of IAEA experts. The report of experts - mainly from the EU - evaluates very positively the Nuclear Power Plant V-1 safety. The reports states:
In NPP V-1, extensive and well-founded programme of safety enforcement was prepared and implemented. Programme defines a new safety level meeting the regulatory requirements and recommendations of IAEA international standards. All safety problems identified by IAEA in the past for this type of power plants were solved.
Programme of safety enforcement continues in NPP V-2 in Jaslovské Bohunice. In 2001 UJD approved similar programme and deadlines concerning NPP V-2 upgrading, which is aimed at safety enforcement, increase of output and extension of this power plant lifetime.
Concerning Mochovce NPP, the year 2001 was the first year of commercial operation of both its units and both units became safe and reliable source of electric energy.
UJD focused its activity also on the assessment and inspection of other nuclear facilities and nuclear materials in the Slovak Republic. In 2001 UJD issued its decisions allowing a permanent operation of Bohunice Radioactive Waste Processing Centre and Republic Radioactive Waste Storage Site.
UJD states that the operation of all nuclear facilities used for processing and storage of spent fuel was safe and reliable in 2001.
Following September events in the U.S.A UJD enforced supervision over the physical protection of nuclear facilities and co-operation with other state bodies in this field.
The extensive international co-operation of UJD has been continuing in 2001. The most important is the co-operation with IAEA due to its international importance and technical possibilities. IAEA executed its mission in the Slovak Republic to define priorities in the area of technical co-operation and two deputy directors general Mr. Jihut Qian and Mr. Werner Burkart visited UJD.
The year 2001 meant an important milestone in co-operation with the Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD. In 2001 the Slovak Republic has officially applied for the membership in this organisation and UJD participated in the work of committees important for the nuclear safety.
UJD continued in very successful co-operation with the European Commission. Co-operation is oriented mainly on the regulatory activities, e. g. in the framework of regular meetings with the participation of chief representatives of regulatory authorities from the European countries (CONCERT), chairman of which and commissioner of the Spanish regulatory authority Mr Annibal Martin visited the Slovak Republic in 2001.
UJD worked actively likewise in other working groups of the European Commission dealing with nuclear safety and radioactive waste. Bilateral co-operation of UJD with many countries of the world and firstly with our neighbours has continued in 2001. Bilateral meetings aimed at the exchange of information with all neighbouring countries and Slovenia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the U.S.A. took place.
Last year the representatives of the Czech, Slovenian, Swiss, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Japan and Armenian nuclear regulatory authorities have visited UJD. In the framework of the international co-operation UJD organised the international emergency exercise with an active participation of other countries - Austria, Hungary and Poland.
UJD in co-operation with the Swiss regulatory authority is preparing the establishment of Nuclear Safety Centre for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe CENS. The Slovak contribution to CENS is the establishment of premises for its activity. UJD is likewise acting as the national authority in the Comprehensive Nuclear Testban Treaty Organisation (CTBT). In 2001 extensive field experiment was realised on the Slovak territory and the secretary of CTBTO Technical Secretariat Mr Wolfgang Hoffman has visited Slovakia.

Dear readers,

Previous brief overview has shown the most important UJD activities and results achieved in 2001. More details are available in the submitted Report or on our web site.

I am convinced that the Annual Report and our web site will contribute to objective and independent informing of the public on the status of nuclear facilities safety in the Slovak Republic.

Miroslav Lipár
Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic
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