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UJD as the central authority of state administration prepares legislation within their competency and sets also binding criteria in the field of nuclear safety. Based on provisions of the "Atomic Act " a preparation of remaining 8 decrees have continued. In 2000 the following decrees were issued by UJD:

  1. Decree No. 31/2000 Coll on events at nuclear installations. It came into force on 15-th February 2000.
  2. Decree No. 190/2000 Coll by which details of radioactive waste management and spent fuel management are regulated. It came into force on 1-st July 2000.

The following six decrees are at the process of preparation:

  1. Decree on quality assurance of nuclear installations,
  2. Decree on safety requirements for design of nuclear installations,
  3. Decree on safety requirements for commissioning and operation of nuclear installations,
  4. Decree on safety documentation ,
  5. Decree on periodic safety assessment ,
  6. Decree on safety requirements for siting of nuclear installations,

Following five UJD safety guides were published in 2000 as the part of edition "Safety of Nuclear Installations":

  1. BNS I.9.1/1999 Safety of nuclear facilities during decommissioning (issued in April 2000).
  2. BNS III.4.1/2000 Requirements on UJD SR permit issue for fuel use in VVER 440 reactors (issued in September 2000).
  3. BNS III.4.3/2000 Requirements on assessment of fuel loading for VVER 440 reactors (issued in September 2000).
  4. BNS I.2.6/2000 UJD SR requirements on chapt. 4 of Safety analysis report “Core design” (issued in September 2000).
  5. BNS I.4.2/1996 Use of PSA methodology in the process of regulation by regulatory authority (issued in September 2000).

About thirty-five drafts of technical standards were reviewed as UJD is responsible for performance such review according to the law No. 264/1999 Coll. on conformance assessment of products.

European Integration

UJD provided necessary documentation for negotiation positions of the Slovak Republic concerning chapters Energy and Environment in accordance with the Slovak Republic accession process. These positions were approved by the Slovak Government and delivered to the European Commission. Neither transitional period nor any exceptions for EU Acquis implementation were required in parts for which UJD is responsible.
The nuclear energy subsection, which is the part of Energy chapter, includes nuclear material safeguards, nuclear fuel supply, joint ventures and nuclear safety of nuclear installation. Nuclear safety was a particular item of programme of relevant SR-EU subcommittee meetings. Particular pieces of information on issues related to nuclear safety such as on reconstruction of NPP V-1 Bohunice, implementation of safety measures at NPP Mochovce and on way in which UJD made assessment of NPP V-2 Bohunice modernisation were prepared. Preparation process of main nuclear material holders started for changeover from the IAEA safeguards system to the Euratom safeguards system. The Euratom project for nuclear material holders related to future agreements on control and inspection is under preparation with UJD participation.
The information on implementation of new UJD decrees on radioactive waste management and shipment were made available to EC as well as information on implementation of EU Directive on public information in the case of radiological accident into UJD decree and into on-site and off-site emergency plans. The assessment of UJD related Acquis implementation into Slovak legislative documentation has been performed regularly.
For the negotiation position while entering EU concerning the chapter „Free movement of individuals“ the necessity to implement the Euratom Council Directive on recognition of qualification in the area of nuclear power only after the experience of EU countries with that directive has been acquired was expressed. The list of regulated professions was prepared for future negotiations.
In the Regular Report from Commission on Slovakia’s Progress Toward Accession published in November 2000 was stated hat the Slovak Nuclear Regulatory Authority has continued to improve its mode of operation.“ The Slovak Nuclear Regulatory Authority, although credible and technically competent, needs more resources in order to be able to better fulfil its tasks, notably in the field of technical assessment.

Issue of authorisations

UJD grants authorisations according to the "Atomic Act " for:

  • Site selection, design, construction, import, commissioning, operation and reconstruction of nuclear installations and their decommissioning
  • Design, construction, production, import, assembly, testing, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of selected equipment
  • Procurement and use of nuclear materials, except their transport
  • Radwaste and spent fuel management
  • Professional training of staff of nuclear installations.

In 2000 there have been 14 applicants for authorisation for the above-listed activities.
UJD evaluated the applications, performed control of professional eligibility of applicants as well as verification of technical, material and organisational preconditions for an orderly performance of activity in the relevant area. After professional assessment and after performing verification on the applicants UJD issued 12 authorisations.



Predchádzajúca kapitola

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