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Economic and personnel data

When evaluating the activity of the state regulator in Slovakia performed by UJD it is necessary to give at least the basic economic and personnel data, which in 1999 were one of the basic attributes for creating quality conditions for exercising state supervision.
UJD as an independent central body of public administration has achieved, through a quality work of its employees, such a status which is highly assessed not only nationally, but also evaluations of foreign missions prove high professional level of the regulator's staff.
Professional level is influenced by the education structure of its staff, when nearly 75%of the total number of staff has a university degree. The number of staff in 1999 documents that the level from 1998 was maintained despite the fact that UJD spent maximum possible effort to hire new employees for the regulatory activity, which in many cases was influenced by a low salary for such a demanding job. As of 31. 12. 1999 there were 79 employees as average calculated number. After completing building UJD as a competent independent regulator the limiting factor for securing a quality regulator in this sensitive area for Slovakia is financing. Financing of the regulator in 1999 was mainly provided from the state budget, which represented 96 % of all expenditures. Strengthening and complementing the necessary sources for funding the activity of UJD was secured from the extraordinary assistance of the government of Switzerland by prolonging the Swiss-Slovak project focusing on support activity for the regulator in a form of preparing safety analyses and technical support with 6 staff members. This foreign assistance was definitely concluded in December 1999.
The total volume of expenditures for UJD activity funded from the state budget achieved as of 31. 12. 1999 SK 67 086 thous. . In the main category of expenditures an amount of SK 63 499 thous. was used for current activities, and the difference of SK 3 587 thous. was used for raising capital assets. Significant increase in expenditures in the evaluated year compared to 1998 was caused by a special purpose payment made by the Slovakia into the Fund for reconstruction of the Cernobyl cover (SK 19 996 thous.) funded through the budget chapter of the regulator.
In the structure of current expenditures the highest share is taken by current transfers to abroad in total of SK 22 543 thous., i. e. contribution to reconstruction of Cernobyl cover made to the EBRD and contributions to the Fund of Technical Co-operation of the IAEA.
For procurement of goods and services an amount of SK 19 814 thous. was spent, of which SK 7 054 thous. was used for funding science and technology tasks which were contracted out. The decision-making process in performing state supervision forced UJD to contract out various expert opinions and studies, for which UJD paid SK 2 058 thous. in total. Other expenditures in a volume of SK 10 702 thous. represent travel expenses, goods and services for UJD, rent for offices and other inevitable expenses.
Salaries of staff represented SK 15 953 thous. and related mandatory insurance paid by the employer of SK 5 167 thous. Low salaries for inspectors also in 1999 caused that experienced inspectors left UJD and now work for the entities under supervision, where the salaries are significantly higher. It is the intention of UJD to change this undesirable situation in the near future by seeking a suitable alternative method of financing the supervisory activity, which would lead to stabilization and strengthening of the regulator. Besides the above-stated sources of funding during 1999 UJD again managed to attract donors from abroad (Great Britain and Austria) and after finishing the project (USA) also tangible and intangible assets in a volume of nearly SK 2 mil. It is our permanent intention to continue in maintaining highly qualified personnel, development of human re- sources, professional and personal growth of employees and creating quality working conditions and suitable internal situation and atmosphere in the whole society, which means keeping the reputation of UJD and its position among other ministries and bodies of public administration.


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