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UJD as central body of public administration provides, upon request and within its competency, information mainly on safety of nuclear installations. This information is provided independently from the operators. An important element of information is demonstrating that the use of nuclear energy in Slovakia has its rules and compliance with these rules is controlled through an independent organization UJD. Already in 1995 the foundations of concept for broad public information on UJD activities and on safety of nuclear installations were laid down by opening the Information Center of UJD, which provides communication with the public and media, which facilitates creation of a positive image on an independent state nuclear safety regulatory body.

Communication with media and public activities

In 1999 there were 83 contributions on both national and foreign activities of UJD sent to the Press agencies of Slovakia, dailies and electronic media. UJD, together with State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic, is a publisher of a professional journal "Safety of Nuclear Energy ", which publishes principal articles about main activities of UJD. The double issue 3/4 (1999) was dedicated to the process of start up of Unit 1 of NPP Mochovce. In "Public administration "there were 2 principal articles published in 1999 on legislative activities of UJD.
Contributions about the regulatory activities and the international co-operation of UJD are regularly published in the "SE Newsletter ", and in company journals of "Mochovce "and "Bohunice ". National and foreign activities of UJD were published in 3 issues of "Bulletin of the Slovak Nuclear Society (SNUS) ". This year also the report on safety of nuclear installations of SR was published in the journal of "European Nuclear Society -Nuclear Europe Worldscan ".

For the world information agency, NucNet, there were 4 contributions prepared focusing on both national and foreign activity of UJD. Information material on INES was prepared and published for the public. The Annual Report on activities of UJD and safety of nuclear installations in Slovakia for 1998 was prepared and published in Slovak /English version. In 1999 there were 4 press conferences held at UJD with a follow up presentation of the management of UJD on television and in the radio broadcasting. Officials of UJD had 7 presentations on television and gave 6 interviews for the Slovak Radio Broadcasting and for magazines and dailies 5 significant interviews. In 1999 a video-clip was produced for public purposes on the SWISSL VAK project. In Bern, Switzerland a very successful press conference was held with the participation of the UJD chairman.

Internal communication within UJD

During the last year the Information center of UJD has been providing topical materials, consultations, assistance for 2 theses and also co-operated with the faculties of the Slovak Technical University. Daily communication has been provided between the offices in Bratislava and Trnava. Several times a week up to date information and reports have been provided from the STORIN Agency and from the NucNet news through the PC network to all senior officials of UJD. There were 3 UJD Bulletins prepared and published on national and foreign activities of UJD. Daily press monitoring and news and information for information tables at both sites in Trnava and Bratislava were prepared. In 1999 there were 9 photosets prepared about important events at UJD and from important domestic and foreign visits at UJD, and also contributions to the web site of UJD. During the year 1999 there were 3 meetings of the UJD entire staff.
Extraordinary activities of UJD in the field of public relations during the entire year 1999 resulted from the process of commissioning of Unit 2 of NPP Mochovce. UJD inspectors, based on annual plan of inspection activities performed a number of inspections at individual technology units. For the first time also the spokesperson of UJD was included into the team inspections, who prepares information for the media on these inspections with specific conclusion of such inspection and adopted measures.
All these steps in assessment of safety measures and realization of preparation and start up of Unit 2 of NPP Mochovce and safety improvement on other units in operation were presented to the media and press agency by an independent regulator.
Issues of safety improvement have been politicized in media, which was shown mainly in the pressure of the Government of Austria to accelerate shutdown of NPP V-1 Bohunice. Despite these adverse effects, the commissioning process on Units 1 and 2 of NPP Mochovce and a problem free operation of other units of NPP Bohunice was managed on a high professional and expert level, which received a very positive feedback in media and professional circles around the world. Start up of Units 1 and 2 of NPP Mochovce means also a positive reaction to the "East-West"co-operation. Nuclear power plant Mochovce is an example of international co-operation in improving safety and achieving currently valid safety standards in the world.

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