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Co-operation with other countries

Japan: The Government of Japan within the International Invitation Program through the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry (MITI) and the Japan Electric Power Information Center (JEPIC) provided training of UJD experts and of the operators of the Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne, research institutes and the relevant governmental organizations. 14 experts attended these seminars and courses from Slovakia in 1999.

At the beginning of 1999 the Japanese government sent Yomei Kato, a nuclear expert, to Slovakia. During his one-month stay he gave lectures at UJD, VUJE, and the Technical University on the energy situation in Japan, issues of nuclear safety and on seismicity. In 1999 a delegation from JEPIC visited UJD with the aim to discuss the benefits of training courses provided to Slovakia so far, and to discuss the requirements of Slovakia for future training.

The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (HSK) : In 1996 the "Project of co-operation (grant) between the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate and UJD "(SWISSLOVAK) was signed in Bratislava. The main goal of this co-operation is assistance in creating and training of a group for safety analysis within the Swiss technical assistance program. (Details are under Safety Analyses section). Within the SWISSLOVAK project the enlarged supervisory committee held its session in Piešťany from 8 to 11 March 1999. The participants of this enlarged supervisory committee of the SWISSLOVAK were: Ms. . Carnino, Mr. J. Laaksonen, Mr. S. Chakraborty, Mr. V. Grišeenko, Mr. . Gutsalov and Mr. M. Lipár.

United Kingdom: The Government of United Kingdom continued, with its activities to support nuclear safety state authorities in CEE countries, mainly in the field of emergency management. Experts in the area of of site emergency planning had the opportunity to get acquainted with the measures of of site emergency plans for NPPs in U. K. UJD representatives participated on emergency exercise in U. K. as observers, while they were also trained on inspection activity related to on site emergency planning. WS tkins contributed by professional advise to solving the Y2K issue in Slovakia.

Russian Federation: In 1997 the chairman of UJD and the chairman of the Federal Regulatory Authority of Russia for nuclear and radiation safety signed the Agreement between the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic (represented by UJD) and the Federal Regulatory Authority of Russia for Radiation and Nuclear Safety on Co-operation in the Field of State Supervision over Nuclear Safety. On 8 to 11 March 1999 the vice-chairman of the Federal regulatory authority of Russia, Mr. . Gutsalov, visited Slovakia and participated on the enlarged supervisory committee for the SWISSLOVAK project.

Finland: Fruitful co-operation with the Finnish Center for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (STUK) continued. In March 1999 the chairman of the Finnish Center for Radiation and Nuclear Safety, Mr. J. Laaksonen visited Slovakia as a member of the Steering Committee of SWISSLOVAK project which evaluated the project. Visit of Mr. J. Laaksonen, however, was also used for discussion on results of supervision over nuclear safety in Slovakia and in Finland, and on deepening co-operation between UJD and the Finnish regulator.

Armenia: Within the co-operation with the IAEA and the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority in 1999 there was a mutual exchange of experts in the field of establishment of a state authority, inspection activities, legislation, NPP personnel training, development instructions and procedures and regulations. During 1999 8 staff members of the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority and NPP Metzamor were in Slovakia on IAEA scientific visits.

Forum for Co-operation between WWER Reactor Regulators

The Forum was established in 1993 and it is supported by the IAEA, GRS, and the US NRC. Representatives of UJD regularly and actively participate on the annual meetings of this Forum and on the activities of working groups. In 1999 the annual meeting of the Forum was held in June in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. The agenda of the meeting focused on legislation, programs of safety improvement in operation of NPPs and inspection activities of state supervision authorities over nuclear safety.
In conclusion it was decided to work in the following 4 working groups:

NERS (Association of Regulators of Countries with Small Nuclear Program)

Slovakia is a member of this association since its establishment in 1998 together with Argentina, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, South African Republic, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The meeting in 1999 focused on assessment of results of the First Review Meeting under Convention on Nuclear Safety, as well as assessment of results and preparation of IRRT missions.

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