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Basic legislative documents governing the procedure of UJD in implementing regulation of nuclear installations personnel training is the Atomic Act and the related legal documents of UJD.
In 1999 UJD, focused on the overall training system and on developing training programmes for individual categories of personnel for NPP V-1 Bohunice, NPP V-2 Bohunice, NPP Mochovce and SE-VYZ.
During 1999 inspections have been performed according to the annual inspection plan in the area of training of personnel of nuclear installations (NPP V-1 and NPP V-2 Bohunice, NPP Mochovce and SE-VYZ).
The fundamental theoretical training and periodical theoretical training for both Bohunice and Mochovce NPPs personnel, simulator training for NPP Bohunice, and periodical simulator training for Bohunice personnel is carried out by the VUJE Training center in Trnava, whereas the simulator training and periodical training for NPP Mochovce is carried at Mochovce plant.
According to the Atomic Act and the related UJD regulation, personnel whose working activity has direct impact on nuclear safety are subject to examination of their special professional skills, i. e. examination of the summary of their professional knowledge and skills.
Verification of special skills is done in the form of examination by the Examining Committee constituted by the Chairman of UJD and composed of representatives of UJD, NPP V-1 and NPP V-2 Bohunice, NPP Mochovce, VUJE Trnava and experts from the Slovak Technical University. Objectivity of examination is assured by participation of examiners from other NPPs, by unifying the types of questions, presence of site inspectors from individual sites and by appointment of members on the examining Committee from other organizations. During the year changes have been proposed and implemented in this committee, evoked both by organizational changes of the operators of nuclear installations and by adopting a new regulation on professional skills of personnel of nuclear installations and last but not the least by coming in force of the new Statute of the examining committee for examining the special professional skills of selected staff, which follows up the above-mentioned regulation.
Based on a successful passing of examination before the examining committee, UJD issues, a certificate on special professional skills of selected staff of nuclear installations for specific activity for the given type of nuclear installation and for the following positions:

  1. Shift manager for scientific start up with the right of manipulation
  2. Shift supervisor
  3. Unit supervisor
  4. Primary circuit operator
  5. Secondary circuit operator
  6. Reactor physicist

Shift manager for scientific start up without the right of manipulation Examination of selected personnel were scheduled according to the examining committee meeting plans.
Written tests are generated for each examined person by computer from the database of test questions at the Training center of VUJE Trnava for individual positions categories of selected staff of NPP V-1 and NPP V-2 Bohunice and NPP Mochovce so that the examination questions both in written and oral part equally cover individual facilities and regimes of operation of NPP.
The database is continuously updated, thereby containing new questions resulting from the recent changes carried out at NPPs. Part of the examination in case of promotion to a higher position is a practical part, which is conducted under the direct supervision of the trainer within 4 to 10 weeks after the successful completion of both written and oral of examination.
Last year the committee held twelve sessions for oral theoretical examination. The number of licenses issued in 1999 and the total number of valid licenses is given in Table 12.


The current system of personnel training has been improved by:

The standard of professional skills of the staff at nuclear installations is a very important factor for assuring and maintaining a high level of nuclear safety of nuclear installations. Conclusions from inspections carried out by UJD and inspections &tests carried out by the NPP operators in 1999, as well as results from operation and start up of nuclear units confirm that in this area a high standard of operational safety is being achieved on a permanent basis.

Increasing the qualification of UJD staff

Increasing the qualification of UJD staff was done in a form of training and courses scheduled in the plan of training for the UJD staff for 1999. These training, composed of specialized qualification study, functional study, as well as study aimed at maintaining qualification (continual and periodical exercise). Training courses organized by the Government Office of Slovakia and the IAEA were also of a significant benefit and the UJD staff participated on foreign training courses, seminars and conferences, focusing on maintaining and improvement of professional skills.

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