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The efforts of UJD in this field have been concentrating on control of implementation of quality assurance programmes of Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne and its daughter companies at Bohunice and Mochovce. The quality assurance inspection during safety improvement at NPP V-1, Bohunice was focused on design and procurement of systems for reconstruction of hermetic zone (commonly known as containment). Efforts were also made to ensure the quality of additional bubble condenser installed at Unit-2 of NPP V-1 Bohunice. The results of inspection were satisfactory.
Two inspections were carried out to verify the implementation of quality assurance programme (QAP) for operation of NPP Mochovce. The first inspection was carried out mainly to verify the effective implementation of overall quality assurance programme (OQAP) and partial QAP during safety upgrading of the containment i. e. for the integrity of bubble condenser. The second inspection was carried out to verify the effective implementation of partial QAP during operation, control of changes/modification, internal audits and control of non-conformances. No significant non-conformance was found during these inspections at NPP Mochovce in 1999.
Another inspection was carried out to verify the implementation of partial QAP for operation of SE-VYZ. No serious non-conformance was found during this inspection.

Based on the QA inspection activity carried out in 1999;
it was concluded that:

UJD issued twelve orders to take corrective measures to remove the above shortcomings. In addition to the above mentioned inspections, inspections of applicants seeking permission for designing of nuclear facilities and selected structures, systems and components important to safety were also carried out. Further in 1999 the approval process of operators quality system top documents and their changes also continued. In 1999 UJD approved:

Approval of Individual QA programs continued at the respective nuclear installations in compliance with the requirements of the relevant regulation. In addition, the following documents have been reviewed:

A draft UJD regulation on QA of nuclear facilities was prepared in accordance with the "Atomic Ac ". This draft was discussed/negotiated within an inter-ministerial meeting in 1999, however, it has not yet been issued officially.

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