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Radioactive waste management

Radioactive waste management represents activities, which are directed towards their safe disposal after being conditioned into a suitable form. In compliance with this strategy and objectives resulting from international agreements (Convention on nuclear safety, Joint Convention on Safety of Spent fuel Management and on safety of RAW management) the inspection and assessment activities of UJD focused on minimization of activity and the quantity of produced RAW, and on increasing safety of waste management.


Generation of RAW

During the operation of NPP V-1 NPP V-2 and NPP Mochovce in 1999 the following radioactive waste was produced: Table 10
RAW volumes produced at NPP V-1 and NPP V-2 Bohunice are comparable, however, their total activity is significantly different. The ratio of their activities is approximately corresponding to the ratio of occurrence of damaged fuel elements at these NPPs. Higher production of liquid RAW at NPP Mochovce is only temporary and is typical for the first operational cycle. Also the total activity, which is significantly lower, will be increasing during the operation of NPP Mochovce. The volume of spent sorbents in individual years is affected by the cycle of their replacement.

Treatment and conditioning of RAW

Liquid RAW was treated and conditioned into a solid form at the nuclear facility Technology for treatment and conditioning of RAW. In 1999 combustible solid waste was treated at the nuclear facility Incinerator of VUJE Trnava.

Storage of radioactive waste

Produced liquid and solid RAW are stored at designed equipment at individual nuclear installations (in case of NPP V-1, NPP V-2 Bohunice and NPP Mochovce in compliance with the Regulation No. 67/1987 Coll. l.). The status of free capacity of these storages as of 31. 12. 1999 is given in Table 11.
Storage of solidified product built within the SE-VYZ was fully filled at the end of 1999.


Disposal of radioactive waste

In 1999 there was a significant improvement in the process of radioactive waste management by:

  1. Issuing approval for commissioning the National Repository for RAW,
  2. Issuing approval for commissioning the Treatment and Conditioning center for RAW,
  3. Having the application for approval to transport conditioned RAW to the National repository Mochovce in the final stage of evaluation.

At the beginning of 2000 it is realistic to expect that RAW conditioned in the Conditioning center of RAW will start to be disposed at the National repository of RAW in Mochovce.

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