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Inspection activity

In 1999 there were 10 planned inspections performed at NPP V-1 Bohunice according to the inspection plan. These inspections focused mainly on the area of emergency plan, control and storage of fresh and spent fuel, physical protection of the power plant, control of meeting the program of quality assurance, control of readiness of the personnel and control of observance of operational procedures. The level of operational safety and the safety culture were monitored primarily through routine inspections, the number of which at NPP V-1 Bohunice was 83 in total.

From among the joint inspections of NPP V-1 and NPP V-2 Bohunice, 6 were planned and 4 unplanned. Decisive milestones after completion of overhauls and reconstructions were checked in a form of team inspections. Inspection analysis did not prove accumulation of findings in any of the audited areas. Large scope of works realized during the overhaul and expanded reconstruction in 1999 on Unit 2 of NPP V-1 Bohunice required to perform also corresponding scope of testing. Also the scope of inspection activities by UJD was aimed at this, which within the special inspections focused mainly on:

During start up and further operation of Unit 2 of NPP V-1 Bohunice, special emphasis was placed on inspection of functionality and reliability of the new integrated system of automated protection and control of the unit. The course of commissioning, results of testing and monitoring of further operation confirmed the expected features of the system. Shortcomings or non-compatibility with the designed values have been removed continuously.

In connection with safety improvements UJD comprehensively controlled completeness of the technical manuals, complementing the operational documentation, including the documentation on the actual delivery.
Certain shortcomings were found in the manuals and operational documentation and the operator is obliged to remove them.
Based on overall assessment results of the status of both equipment and personnel, including the assessment of operational events and taking into account development of operational indicators as well as results of inspection activity,
UJD evaluated the operation of both units of NPP V-1 Bohunice in 1999 as safe and reliable.

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