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In 1999 a regular comparison of status of approximation of the SR and EU legislation was performed and the achieved progress was documented when publishing relevant decrees. Also relevant supporting materials for the National Program for adopting acquis were prepared.
UJD has prepared supporting materials and participated at the negotiations between Slovakia and EU in the subcommittee for transportation, environment and energy (16. 11. 1999). Also supportive materials for the 6th session of the Association committee between Slovakia and EU has been prepared (16. 12. 1999).
EC in its assessment of Slovakia considers as an important issue to strengthen the UJD and increase its capacity in the field of an independent safety assessment.



Issuing authorizations

UJD grants authorizations according to the "Atomic Act " for:

So far there have been 92 applicants for authorization for the above-listed activities. UJD evaluated the applications, performed control of professional eligibility of applicants, as well as verification of technical, material and organizational preconditions for an orderly performance of activity in the relevant area.
After professional assessment and after performing verification on the applicants, UJD issued 79 authorizations. The most important authorizations were issued for Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne and Nuclear Power plant Research Institute (VUJE) , Trnava.

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