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The basic mission of the UJD is to guarantee to the citizens of the Slovak Republic, as well as to international community, that the nuclear energy on the territory of the Slovak Republic is used exclusively for peaceful purposes, and that the Slovak nuclear facilities are designed, built, operated and decommissioned in compliance with the relevant legislation.
The mission of UJD is also to supervise the operation of nuclear installations and thus assure that there is not danger for employees of nuclear installations or the population, and that the operation of nuclear installations does not have negative influence to the environment, or does not cause damage on the property. In its activity UJD utilizes results of science and research, as well as international co-operation with the aim to achieve internationally acceptable level of nuclear safety of nuclear installations in Slovakia.
An important activity closely related to the main role of UJD is also inspection of nuclear materials, special materials and equipment, that means items, which under certain circumstances could be misused for other than peaceful purposes. On the international level the main mission of the UJD is to assure that the international commitments of Slovakia are met in the field of nuclear energy and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.


State supervision over nuclear safety is performed according to the Act No. 130/1998 Coll. l. on peaceful use of nuclear energy and on change and amendment to the Act No. 174/1968 Coll. l. on state professional supervision over the labor safety in the wording of act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 256/1994 Coll. l. (the "Atomic Act "). This "Atomic Act "covers:

  1. conditions for peaceful use of nuclear energy
  2. rights and obligations of legal entities and persons in utilization of nuclear energy
  3. types of nuclear material, conditions for their production, processing, acquisition, storage, transportation, use, registration and control
  4. conditions for radioactive waste management from nuclear installations, spent fuel and conditions for disposal of institutional radwaste
  5. conditions of nuclear safety
  6. compensation of nuclear damage
  7. state supervision over nuclear safety of nuclear installations, procurement and use of nuclear material, radwaste management and spent fuel
  8. sanctions for violating obligations resulting from this law.

Act on peaceful use of nuclear energy is approximated to the European Union (EU) law. Compliance of the activities described in the law with the law itself, as well as possible non-compliance of UJD conditions regularly is checked by the nuclear safety inspectors. Other details and conditions for peaceful use of nuclear energy, as well as other conditions to achieve nuclear safety on an internationally acceptable level is set by the relevant UJD regulations.

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