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of the Convention on Nuclear Safety


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1. Introduction 
    1.1 Purpose of Report 
    1.2 Concept of the Utilization of Nuclear Sources in Slovakia 
2. Nuclear Installations in Slovakia According to the Convention Definition 
    2.1 Nuclear Power Plant Bohunice - Units V-1 
          2.1.1 Description of Units V-1 
          2.1.2 Safety Assessment of Bohunice V-1 Units 
          2.1.3 Bohunice V-1 Units Safety Improvement Programs 
    2.2 Nuclear power plant Bohunice - units V-2 
          2.2.1 Description of Units V-2 
          2.2.2 Safety Reviews of Bohunice V-2 Units 
          2.2.3 Operation Safety Report After 10 Years of Operation 
          2.2.4 V- 2 Units Safety Improvement Programs 
    2.3 Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce - Unit 1 
          2.3.1 Description of Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce 
          2.3.2 EMO Units Safety Reviews 
          2.3.3 Mochovce Units Safety Improvements 
    2.4 Nuclear Power Plant Bohunice A-1 
          2.4.1 Description of NPP A-1 
          2.4.2 History and Current Status of the NPP A-1 
          2.4.3 Power Plant Decommissioning Program 
    2.5 Interim Spent Fuel Storage 
          2.5.1 Description of Technology Used 
          2.5.2 ISFS Safety Reviews 
          2.5.3 ISFS Safety Improvement Programs 
    2.6 Technologies of RAW Processing and Treatment 
          2.6.1 Brief Description of Technologies 
          2.6.2 Facility Safety Reviews Performed 
    2.7 Treated and Solid RAW Storage Sites 
3. Legislation and Supervision 
    3.1 Legislative and Supervision-related Framework 
          3.1.1 Structure of Supervisory Bodies 
          3.1.2 Legislation 
          3.1.3 State Supervision in the Nuclear Safety Area 
          3.1.4 State Supervision in the Area of Health Protection Against Radiation 
    3.2 Operator's Responsibility 
          3.2.1 Act No. 130/1998 Coll.ll. - Operator's Responsibilities with Respect to Supervision 
          3.2.2 Supervision Methods to Check Operator's Compliance with License Criteria 
4. General Safety Aspects 
    4.1 Priority to Safety 
          4.1.1 Nuclear Safety Principles and Definition
          4.1.2 Nuclear and Radiation Safety Policy
          4.1.3 Role of the Regulatory Authority
    4.2 Financial and Human Resources 
          4.2.1 Operation and Safety Improvement Program Financing 
          4.2.2 Financial Sources for RAW Disposal and Processing Programs 
          4.2.3 Human Resources 
    4.3 Human Factor 
          4.3.1 Management and Organization-Related Measures 
          4.3.2 Methods to Prevent Human Failure 
          4.3.3 Methods to Detect and Remedy Human Failure 
          4.3.4 Role of Regulatory Authority 
    4.4 Operator's Quality Assurance System 
          4.4.1 History of SE a.s.' Quality System Establishment 
          4.4.2 Quality Concept 
          4.4.3 SE a.s.' Quality System Development and Implementation Project
          4.4.4 Verification of SE a.s.' Quality System
          4.4.5 Role of Regulatory Authority 
    4.5 Safety Assessment and Verification 
          4.5.1 Characterization of Operated Reactors 
          4.5.2 Safety Assessment of Nuclear Reactors by ÚJD 74
          4.5.3 Basic Principles of ÚJD-Issued Decisions on Safety Upgrading of Operated Reactors 
          4.5.4 ÚJD Requirements with Respect to NPP Bohunice WWER 440/V-230 Units Safety Upgrade 
          4.5.5 ÚJD Requirements with Respect to NPP Bohunice WWER 440/V-213 Reactors Safety Upgrading 
          4.5.6 ÚJD Requirements with Respect to NPP Mochovce WWER 440/V-213 Reactors Safety Upgrade 
          4.5.7 ÚJD Requirements with Respect to Periodic Safety Reviews 
    4.6 Radiation Protection 
          4.6.1 Radiation Protection-Related Legislation and its Implementation 
          4.6.2 Radiation Monitoring by Operator 
          4.6.3 Activities of Regulatory Authorities 
    4.7 Emergency Preparedness 
          4.7.1 Emergency Preparedness Related Legislation 
          4.7.2 Implementation of the Emergency-Related Legislation Preparedness 
          4.7.3 Operator's Internal Emergency Plans 
          4.7.4 Public Protection Plans (Out-Of-Site Emergency Plans) 
          4.7.5 Population and Staff Warning and Notification Systems 
          4.7.6 Maintenance of Emergency Preparedness Systems 
          4.7.7 International Agreements 
5. Safety of Nuclear Installations in Slovakia 
    5.1 Site Selection 
          5.1.1 Legislation Related to Site Selection 
          5.1.2 Meeting of Criteria at Bohunice and Mochovce Sites 
          5.1.3 International Agreements 
    5.2 Design Preparation and Construction 
          5.2.1 Designing and Construction-Relevant Legislation 
          5.2.2 NI Project Preparation of Nuclear Installation at Mochovce Site 
    5.3 Operation 
          5.3.1 Operator Licensing Procedure 
          5.3.2 Operation Limits and Conditions 
          5.3.3 Maintenance Testing and Control Documentation for Management and Operation 
          5.3.4 Technical Support of Operation 
          5.3.5 Analysis of Events at Nuclear Installations 
          5.3.6 Radioactive Waste Production (RAW) 
    5.4 Planned Safety Upgrading Activities at Nuclear Installations 
6. Annexes 
    6.1 List of Nuclear Installations and Technical and Economic Parameters 
    6.2 Selected Generally Binding Legal Regulations Related to Nuclear and Radiation Safety 
    6.3 List of national and international documents related to WWER type reactor safety and SE-VYZ units 
    6.4 RAW Emission Limits 
    6.5 Author Team 
    6.6 Act of National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 130/1998 Coll.ll. 

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