National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

Abbreviations used

AKOBOJE Automated Complex of NPP Safety Protection
ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable
AMC Accident Management Center
BDBA Beyond-Design-Basis Accident
BSC Bohunice Processing Center
CDF Core Damage Frequency
CP Civil Protection
CM Current Maintenance
CSFR Czech and Slovak Federal Republic
CSKAE Czechoslovak Atomic Energy Commission
CSSR Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
DBA Design Basis Accident
EBO Nuclear Power Plants Bohunice
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EdF Electricité de France
EGP Energoprojekt Prague
EMO Nuclear Power Plants Mochovce
EEC External Evaluation Center
FE Fuel Element
FP Fire Protection
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
ICRP International Commission for Radiation Protection
IDE Individual Dose Equivalent
INSAG International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group
ISFS Interim Spent Fuel Storage
I&C Instrumentation and Control System
KHK Regional Accident Commission
KKC Nuclear Authority Emergency Response
KRH Slovak Government's Commission for Nuclear Accidents
LBB Leak Before Break
LOCA Hypothetical Loss-of-Coolant Accident
MGU Main Generation Unit
MO-ASR Ministry of Defense - Army of the Slovak Republic
MSK -64 Medvedev Sponhauer Karnikov Scale Seismic Events Classification Scale
MV-CD Ministry of Defense - Civil Defense
MZ-ŠZÚ Ministry of Health - State Health Institute
MZP-SHMÚ Ministry of the Environment - Slovak Institute of Hydrometeorology
NI Nuclear Installation
NIE Nuclear Installation Event
NPP Nuclear Power Plant
NUSS Nuclear Safety Standards
OG Operation Group
OHK District Accident Commission
OHO Accident Response Organization
OLC Operational Limits and Criteria
OSART Operation Safety Review Team
OSC Operation Support Center
OSG Operational-Steering Group
PHARE EU Initiative for Economic Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries
POSR Pre-Operation Safety Report
PSA Probabilistic Safety Assessment
QA Quality Assurance
QS Quality System
RAW Radioactive Wastes
RCC Remote Cumulative Control
SE a.s. Slovenské elektrárne, akciová spoločnost (Slovak Electric Utilities, Joint Stock Company)
SE-EBO Nuclear Power Plants Jaslovské Bohunice, branch plant of SE a.s.
SE-EMO Nuclear Power Plants Mochovce, branch plant of SE a.s.
SE-VYZ Nuclear Power Installations Decommissioning and RAW and Spent Fuel Treatment, branch plant of SE a.s.
SED Slovak Energy Dispatching
SIR Safety Improvements Report - EdF Report on the Safety Improvements of Mochovce Units
SIRM Safety Improvement of Mochovce NPP Project Review Mission - conclusions arrived at by IAEA Mission conducted at Mochovce in June, 1994
SR Slovak Republic
STN Slovak Technical Standard
SÚRMS Slovak Radiation Monitoring Network Headquarters
ŠFL JEZ State Fund for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Installations, and Treatment of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Wastes
ŠZÚ State Health Institute
TC Training Center
TCS Technological Computer System
TSSM Technical Specification of Safety Measure
TTS Transport-Technological Equipment
ÚCD Ministry of Interior's Civil Defense Office
ÚJD Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic
UNO United Nations Organization
US NRC United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
VÚJE Nuclear Power Plants Research Institute Trnava, Joint Stock Company
WANO World Association of Nuclear Operators

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