National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

5.4 Planned Safety Upgrading Activities at Nuclear Installations

In addition to the ongoing safety upgrading programs for NPP V-1 and EMO units, the most significant long-term program is the "NPP V-2 Units Modernization and Safety Upgrading Program" the objectives of which have been described in Section 2.2.4.

The safety upgrading process has been split into several stages:

Stage 1 - resolution of actual problems; it represents less costly modifications. They can be implemented during "Gradual Reconstruction" of Bohunice V-1. New safety review of Bohunice V-2 units, identification of safety significant problems and priority setting with respect to implementation of measures.

Stage 2 - implementation of safety measures (ÚJD Resolution No. 4/96;) of category 2 and 3 as identified in the IAEA document WWER-EBP03/96. Implementation of measures contained in Final Safety Report (after 10 years of operation) and the development of preliminary and safety documentation for subsequent reconstruction - Inception Project.

Stage 3 - implementation of measures included in the Inception Project and of measures concerning the increased installed capacity

Stage 4 - implementation of measures for life time extension of Bohunice V-2 units to 40 years.

The Bohunice V-2 modernization program includes the results of activities from previous years aimed at identifying important actions resulting in ensuring and upgrading of nuclear safety, reliability and efficiency of operation throughout the designed life cycle. The suggestions for nuclear safety upgrading requirements are based on the recommendations of the Operation Safety Report for NPP V-2 After 10 Years of Operation, ÚJD requirements (Resolution No. 4/96;) on the present trends of NPP safety upgrading as formulated in IAEA document – EBP WWER-03/96, on conclusions of missions to SE-EBO , and on the results of the PSA Study Level 1. The modernization program also takes into account experience of the "V 213 Operators Club". Fig. 5.4.1. illustrates the draft time schedule of the program implementation.


Fig. 5.4.1 Schedule of the NPP V-2 units modernization and safety improvement program

Below are the most significant safety-related issues (category III and II) to be dealt with under the "NPP V-2 Units Modernization and Nuclear Safety Upgrading Program" :

The implementation of the "NPP V-2 Units Modernization and Safety Upgrading Program" will result in an improved nuclear safety level, required by ÚJD and IAEA recommendations applicable to NPP in general, and to WWER 440/V213 in particular, and will improve the reliability and the efficiency of Bohunice V-2 units operation.

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