National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

5.3.4 Technical Support of Operation

Technical support and safety units are parts of operator's organizational divisions the main task of which include:

I. organization of measures for the protection of health of the employees and the public against ionizing radiation in NPP surroundings by applying the ALARA principle upon working with ionizing radiation,

II. organization of internal and external radiation monitoring, personal dosimetric monitoring and exercise of supervision of the compliance with radiation safety rules,

III. development of pre-project documentation through requirements for capital investments in the fields of

A. safety upgrading, improved reliability and effectivity of operation,

B. care for design modifications of nuclear installations, management and coordination of residual life cycle evaluation program,

IV. organization of the development of operating regulations for normal and emergency operation, and of other operating documentation and their continuous updating,

V. exercise of supervision of compliance with nuclear safety rules during the operation, and reviews of all design changes in equipment and operational regimes from the aspect of nuclear safety,

VI. organization of analyses of events at nuclear installations, preparation of analyses and overall organization of feedback from own and foreign nuclear installations,

VII. probabilistic safety analysis (PSA) and its application,

VIII. setting up of a program of periodical tests of nuclear safety significant equipment and systems,

IX. keeping records on nuclear materials, calculations of fuel loading and fuel cycle strategy, exercise of supervision of nuclear safety during refueling and physical start-up,

X. organization of, and care for safety emergency analyses,

XI. management of technically oriented projects of international cooperation (PHARE projects etc.),

XII. responsibility for fire protection,

XIII. organization and coordination of liaisons of the divisions with Regulatory Authorities in the field of nuclear and technical safety,

XIV. management and organization of the entire field of emergency planning.

In taking care of the above tasks, the operator cooperates with external supporting organizations such as:

"Nuclear Safety Commitee" are advisory bodies to the managements of the individual organizational divisions of the operator. Their main task is to evaluate the level of nuclear safety, and to suggest approaches to comprehensive safety issues concerninf nuclear installations.

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