National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

5.3.2 Operation Limits and Conditions

Operation limits and conditions (OLC) were already required by the former SKAE as part of the Safety Report. OLC for Bohunice V-1 units were issued prior to the units being put into operation in 1978, and they had been reviewed by a number of research institutes, including VJE Trnava. OLC for WWER-440/230 units were reviewed in mid-80s according to the IAEA guideline SG 50-O3 using the format of the company Westinghouse and US NRC instructions for PWR units. Having been approved by the Regulatory Authority, they became effective as of 1988. OLC for Bohunice V-2 units have been developed in accordance with the above mentioned format.

OLC exist for all nuclear installations in Slovakia, in formats and contents following IAEA and US NRC guidelines. The following is specified for each of the limit conditions:

OLC for Bohunice V-1 were amended as of October 1, 1995, and split into three separate documents (their formats and contents follow IAEA and US NRC guidelines):

New OLC for Bohunice V-2 were issued in March 1998 subject of approval by JD; they have been split into two separate documents:

The meeting of limits and conditions is continuously monitored by the operating staff and daily by the technical support staff.

Prior to transition of the unit to a lower sequential number, the operating staff is obliged to check the possibility of such transaction based on checklists which are attached to operating documentation. The meeting of all limits and conditions applicable to the relevant operation stage in question has to be checked. The shift supervisor only approves the change when the meeting of all the OLC has been checked.

The responsibility of individual employees and/or operator's divisions with respect to the notification of Regulatory Authorities on "OLC Violation" events is laid down in OLC as well as in the quality assurance guideline "Management of Events at Nuclear Installations" which basically provides for three levels of reporting:

If an amendment to OLC is needed, an annex to the regulation is drafted with the corresponding reasoning, and the amendment becomes effective upon its approval by the Regulatory Authority.

Operator's nuclear safety Regulatory divisions prepare periodical reports on the nuclear safety status on quarterly and annual basis, and submit them to the utility management. The reports also contain evaluation of the entire OLC area. Number of OLC amendments, non-availability time of safety systems, and OLC violations, if any, are used as parameters.

For NPP Mochovce, OLC were submitted to JD in the framework of the review of the Pre-Operation Safety Report. JD reviewed and approved the draft. OLC are based on IAEA document 50-SG - O3. From formal viewpoint, their structure is identical with those developed for the Bohunice NPP with OLC specific to the NPP Mochove design added.

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