National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

5.3.1 Operator Licensing Procedure

The Atomic Act defines the criteria for authorization of the individual stages of nuclear installations, and thus also including commissioning and operation. Primary responsibility for nuclear safety rests with the operator of the installation. The Act also sets forth the responsibilities of the operator with respect to operation, emergency planning, quality assurance, nuclear safety, liability for damage etc., the fulfillment of which have to be demonstrated to the Regulatory Authority.

CSKAE Decree No. 6/1980 sets forth more detailed criteria to ensure nuclear safety during the start-up and operation of a nuclear installation.

Pursuant to the Atomic Act and ČSKAE Decree No. 61/1980, the operator has to attach to his application for operation license submitted to ÚJD the following safety-related documents:

In addition to ÚJD, also other State authorities are involved in the licensing process (also see Section

ÚJD issues operation license based on the assessment report on the nuclear installation commissioning stage attached to the operator's application.

During the commissioning of a nuclear installation and during its operation, operator shall be responsible to keep to the reviewed and approved documentation. Any deviation from it is only possible based on preceding approval by ÚJD.

In his activities, the operator also has to follow IAEA safety standards such as regulation SC 50-C-O "Safety of NPP Operation", SC 50-C-QA "Quality Assurance at NPPs" and the corresponding guidelines.

The safety concept of nuclear power plants is based on so-called "defence in-depth" strategy which is generally used for design and operation of nuclear power plants world-wide. ÚJD, in reviewing NPP safety, assesses the capability of the installation to fulfill safety functions along the line of the design so as to provide for the required level of defence-in-depth protection.

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