National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

5.2.2 NI Project Preparation of Nuclear Installation at Mochovce Site

General Directorate of Slovenské energetické podniky developed, in 1973, a capital investment project of the construction of a nuclear power plant with 440 MW units at Mochovce site. The project was based on the study "Site Selection for NPP in the Territory of Slovakia and Its Technical and Economic Assessment, Along with the Assessment of the NPP Location on the Site Surroundings". Owing to the change which occurred during the project development of WWER-1000 units, the subsequent preparatory works at the site were suspended. The site preparation was resumed to implement the construction according to the original goals in 1978.

Pre-project works on the nuclear power plant Mochovce with a total installed capacity of 4x440MW were started based on the position issued by the former Czechoslovak Atomic Energy Commission of March 14, 1979 and based on the subsequent approval by the Federal Ministry of Fuels and Energy.

From the point of view of the further progress, the year 1988 became a milestone: due to unresolved difficulties with the I&C system originally suggested for NPP Mochovce it was decided to start preparations for the awarding of a contract for the delivery of a new I&C system. Selection of the I&C system was completed in 1991, and the system manufactured by company SIEMENS was selected.

The lack of funds resulted in an another suspension of design works in 1991, which also gradually meant delays in NPP Mochovce units construction.

Design and implementation works were resumed in 1996 again, after the signing of contracts and loan agreements, and review works on construction and technologies started in 06/96.

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