National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

5.1.1 Legislation Related to Site Selection

Slovakia does not envisage, in the near future, to select any new site for a nuclear installation. The energy sector development concept assumes the completion of the nuclear power plant Mochovce under construction. The selection process for a repository of high radioactive waste (and/or spent fuel) is under preparation, and only a general geological survey has been conducted so far by SE a.s.

With respect to construction of a nuclear installation, the organization proposing a construction has to attach, to the application for the licensing of the site a permission of ÚJD issued based on the review of the inception safety report which also contains site review from the viewpoint of nuclear safety (FMTIR Decree No. 85/1976 Coll., Section 7).

FM TIR Decree No. 83/1976 provides, in its Section 88, for the general basic criteria concerning the site: technical planning, town planning design of the nuclear power installations.

Technical details concerning nuclear power installations are provided for by CSKAE Decree No. 4/1979 on general criteria of nuclear safety in selecting locations for construction of nuclear power installations. The Decree identifies grade 1 exclusion criteria:

All the above criteria unambiguously exclude the site from selection for the above mentioned purpose. Territories under grade 2 exclusion criteria may be conditionally considered. They e.g. include:

Other criteria such as speed and direction of ground water flows, method of public supplies, distance to State borders etc. only serve for comparison purposes between different sites.

Equipment relevant to nuclear safety in nuclear installations has to be designed so as to enable safe shut-down of the reactor in cases of natural disasters which can realistically be expected (earthquakes, thunderstorms, floods etc.) or due to human activities (aircraft crush, explosion close to the power plant). The design has to account for the most significant historical natural phenomena which have been recorded for the site in question and in its vicinity (CSKAE Decree No. 2/1978, Section 10).

Design documentation of workplaces with radiation sources has to be submitted, in an extent needed for review of all circumstances connected with the protection of the employees, to hygienic service authorities. In approving the construction of plants and installations (also of nuclear installations) which during the planned operation introduce or may, in cases of accidents introduce radioactive substances into the environment, also consequences of such operation or accidents for the population living in the vicinity of such plants must be considered. Authorities which make decisions on such constructions must mandatorily receive background materials showing the extent of the population exposure during the operation or as a result of an accident (Decree of MZ SR No.65/1972, Section 8 (4) and (5).

Act of National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 272/1994 Coll.ll., On the Protection of Human Health, provides for the responsibility to specially protect the health against effects of ionizing radiation (Section 9(b)).

Act of National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 127/1994 Coll.ll. on Environmental Impacts Assessment , regulates the procedure of a comprehensive expert and public review of constructions of prior to their approval. The objective of the review is mainly to :

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