National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.7.6 Maintenance of Emergency Preparedness Systems

Emergency Training of SE, a.s. Staff

Staff of the branch plants SE-EBO, SE-EMO and SE-VYZ is classified into 4 categories depending on the emergency training scope:

The training is organized in two parts:

Emergency training of nuclear power plant staff is organized in the framework of training sessions according to the position hold by the trainee. Emergency training of shift crew represents a special part of the training. Emergency training is organized twice a year for each shift, so-called shift emergency training sessions. An area emergency training is organized once a year, and all employees of the respective branch plant have to participate..

Coordination emergency training represents a special type of emergency training; it is usually organized along with the area emergency training session, under the cooperation of OHK, KHK, KRH SR, KKC JD and/or other OHO units (fire brigades, health care staff, armed forces, etc.). Such training sessions are organized on a regular basis, most recently in October, 1997, under the cooperation of OHK and KHK Trnava, KRH SR, KKC JD, SE, a.s. Headquarters, OSG and SRMS.

An evaluation exercise follows the completion of the training (observers and referees), and measures are taken to improve the activities of the individual OHO units. There is a follow-up of the measures, and the management of the respective branch plant reviews their fulfilling.

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