National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.7.4 Public Protection Plans (Out-Of-Site Emergency Plans)

The development of public protection plans ("Public Protection Plans") for the case of an accident of a nuclear power installation is the responsibility of Regional and District Offices with the jurisdiction including an area at risk defined as an area within a distance of 30 km for o.z. SE ľEBO and 20 km for o.z. SE ľ EMO. Municipalities located within the area at risk prepare abstracts from Population Protection Plans of the corresponding district and/or implementation documents for the implementation of the planned measures. The above mentioned Population Protection Plans develop NI operator┤s on-site emergency plan, who is responsible for providing to the developers of Population Protection Plans background materials on potential impacts on the area of a nuclear emergency.

Public Protection Plans developed under the coordination of the Slovak Ministry of Interior, reviewed by ┌JD and other State administration authorities, and approved by the Chief Administrator of the corresponding Regional or District Office, are submitted to the Slovak Ministry of Interior for approval.

Upon the occurrence of an emergency event of the nature of a nuclear installation event, Regional and/or District Offices provide for measures under the Population Protection Plans. For this purpose, they establish Regional Commission for Nuclear Accidents (KKRH) and District Commissions for Nuclear Accidents (OKRH) with the status of an advisory, coordination and managing body serving the Chief Administrator of the Regional and/or District Office to ensure standard preparation and implementation of measures to protect the population and the economy upon the occurrence of a nuclear event. The activities of the above mentioned commissions are headed by the Slovak Government┤s Commission for Nuclear Accidents which has been characterized as a managing, advisory and coordination body at the Slovak government. To prevent the risk of delay in fulfilling the tasks connected with the population protection, KKRH and OKRH and/or KHR SR are parts of the accident response organization ("OHO"). Upon the occurrence of a nuclear accident with radioactive substance leakage, NI operator is responsible for warning and notification, without any undue delay, of the population within the potentially affected area, in accordance with the on-site emergency plan, Population Protection Plan, and based on an assessment of the situation with respect to technology, the source element, the values read from the teledosimetric system, the first measurements of the radiation within the area adjacent to the NI , and the meteorological situation. State administration authorities, local governments and municipalities subsequently take care of further measures to be taken immediately, and of secondary measures, consisting of mainly iodine prophylaxis, hiding in shelters, moving the people outside of affected the area, etc. The measures mentioned concern areas affected by the nuclear event and its impacts, including areas to which the consequences of the emergency event may, according to forecasts, spread.

The preparation and implementation of suggestions concerning population protection are the responsibility of all levels of local State administration and sectors involved.

If the impacts of an emergency situation exceed the territory of a single district, Regional Office coordinates the fulfillment of tasks and measures to protect the population. If the extent of an emergency situation exceeds the territory of a single region, Slovak Government declares and terminates emergency situation for the affected area to contain the impact of the accident.

Upon the occurrence of a nuclear event, KRH SR continuously monitors the activities of KKRH, and makes decisions to support the implementation of the necessary measures of the Population Protection Plans, establishes conditions for their implementation, evaluates their efficiency, and coordinates the activities of the Regional Commissions. Similarly, KKRH coordinates the activities of the District Commissions under its jurisdiction. To this purpose, KRH SR uses the conclusions and recommendations by professional and supporting units (such as ORS, Slovak Ministry of Interior┤s Civil Defense Office, KKC ┌JD, S┌RMS) which, as a rule, closely cooperate with both the KKRH and the OKRH.

The monitoring and evaluation of the radiation situation in case of a nuclear event is the responsibility of S┌RMS.

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