National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.7.3 Operator's Internal Emergency Plans

Internal emergency plans and related documents have been developed so as to secure protection and preparation of employees for significant leaks of radioactive substances into the working environment and surrounding areas and for events which will require taking measures to protect the health of individuals within the nuclear installation area and those in the vicinity..

Internal emergency plan defines:

The purpose is to plan and prepare organization, personnel and material and technical means and measures to successfully manage crisis and emergency situations according to the classified event; the following units are involved:

Information flows start as soon as an operation-related event occurs. The information provided to JD, Slovak Energy Dispatching (SED) and subsequently also to SE a.s.'s Emergency Service.

Information on emergency situations is provided to Supervisory Authorities (JD SR, Z), SE a.s. Directorate, Slovak Radiation Monitoring Network Headquarters (SRMS) and emergency commissions at the regional level (district and region). Information flows on the condition of the technology and on key safety functions between NPP and KKC JD SR are on-line, based on an agreement between SE a.s. and JD SR.

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