National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.5.7 ÚJD Requirements with Respect to Periodic Safety Reviews 

The results of the periodic safety review of the operated V-230 and V-213 reactors prescribed by CSKAE and subsequently by ÚJD are: (1) requirements were put forward to complete the safety reports to match the format usual in developed countries, (2) requirements were set up for safety upgrade of nuclear reactors, (3) requirements were set up for safety upgrade of reactors under construction, and (4) requirements were set up for systematic periodical safety reviews of all nuclear reactors in Slovakia. The requirements concerning periodical safety reviews were prescribed by ÚJD in the safety instructions on Periodical Safety Reviews developed on the IAEA safety instruction 50-SG-O12 as well as based on experience from the contents and application of periodical safety reviews in developed countries.

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