National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.5.5 ÚJD Requirements with Respect to NPP Bohunice WWER 440/V-213 Reactors Safety Upgrading

New safety-related requirements for V-213 have arisen from the outcomes of periodic safety reviews, operation-related experience, PSA analyses and recommendations of international missions.

ÚJD responded to the situation following the Safety Report After 10 Years of Operation by issuing the Resolution No. 4/1996 which contained measures to upgrade safety in three parts. Part one contained measures concerning the completion of the safety report after 10 years of operation. The safety report, as a basic document providing evidence for the safety level of the nuclear power plant, was updated according to the actual state-of-the-art condition of the plant, in particular with respect to better safety analyses. Measures to complete the safety report were taken by ÚJD based on the IAEA 1994 Mission, PSA analyses conducted by Nuclear Power Plants Research Institute, Trnava, and analyses developed by ÚJD staff. Requirements to complete the safety report in addition to general issues, also concerned the integrity of components at the primary circuit pressure limit, seismic review, safety analyses, additional safety analyses, limits and conditions.

Part two identified technical measures for safety upgrading of emergency systems and auxiliary systems of safety relevance. This part further specifies requirements with respect to the development of a modernization concept for the control and instrumentation systems. The resolution also contains organization-related measures to improve operation documentation, regulations for tests of equipment and emergency planning. This procedure prescribed by ÚJD shall maintain the required safety level of the nuclear power plant.

Part three prescribed the operator to periodically review the nuclear power plant safety following the schedule developed by ÚJD. From the aspects of their deadlines, two types of measures were distinguished: short-term measures including organization-related measures, and completion of the safety report. Long-term measures represent requirements concerning the specification of objectives, development of concept and safety upgrade program which is currently under development.

Annex to Resolution No. 4/1996 contained ÚJD comments on the individual chapters of the Pre-Operation Safety Analysis Report.

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