National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.5.2 Safety Assessment of Nuclear Reactors by ÚJD 74

The original design for V-230 and V 213 reactors was based on Soviet standards for nuclear power plants design (OBP). Those reactors however did not meet nuclear safety standards as defined by the IAEA NUSS series. This was the main reason to start, after 1989, a gradual reassessment of nuclear safety of the operated units and units under construction. The assessment safety was conducted by Slovak engineering organizations as well as by international review missions. The IAEA played a significant role in the safety review process: it organized several missions within 1991 - 1997 focusing on the review of design and operation safety of nuclear reactors in Slovakia. As a result of the reviews, a number of documents were drafted summarizing shortcomings and faults identified from the viewpoint of nuclear safety. These results have been included in the IAEA documents TECDOC 640 WWER 440/230 Ranking of Safety Issues and IAEA-EBP-WWER-03 Safety Issues for WWER 440/213 and their Ranking. The documents mentioned became the basis for defining safety upgrading programs for V-230 and V-213 reactors.

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