National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.5.1 Characterization of Operated Reactors

The mix of the individual types of operated reactors includes WWER 440/V-230 units (2 units at NPP Bohunice), WWER 440/V-213 units (2 units at NPP Bohunice and 1 unit at NPP Mochovce), and WWER 440/V-213 units under construction (3 units at NPP Mochovce). The V 230 reactors are significantly different from model V 213 as for their design and safety elements. The reactors V-213 at NPP Bohunice and at NPP Mochovce are based on identical design principes. Type V-213 NPP Mochovce reactors however had a number of improvements in their original design and also contain new safety elements. The safety of the original project was reassessed during the construction of NPP Mochovce, and the project became subject of numerous safety upgrading measures.

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