National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.4.5 Role of Regulatory Authority

Activities and tasks of ÚJD with respect to the exercise of State regulation in the field of nuclear safety of nuclear installations and quality assurance are set forth in Act No. 130/1998 Coll. and CSKAE Decree No. 436/1990 Coll. The mentioned Decree lays down requirements and criteria for quality assurance at selected installations from the viewpoint of nuclear safety of nuclear installations. The Decree establishes basic requirements on quality assurance of selected installations as well as the requirement for the development of quality assurance programs. ÚJD regulates the organizations responsible for the quality assurance of selected installations as mentioned in the Decree and checks their compliance with these requirements how such quality assurance programs are being implemented. Both ÚJD and the responsible organizations - operators of nuclear installations accept the International Atomic Energy Agency's documentation, and use them as widely as possible in defining their own criteria and procedures related to the assurance of nuclear safety and quality at selected installations.

ÚJD's philosophy in this respect is based on the fact that in addition to nuclear installation design, multiple barriers and appropriate technical and organizational measures, nuclear safety of every nuclear installation is also achieved through the required quality of selected installations and the corresponding activities. The quality system described by quality assurance program serves to maintain and develop quality.

In exercising State regulation in the field of quality assurance, ÚJD focuses on two basic activities:

1. Approval of quality assurance systems

This is done at two levels:

a. Review, approval and control of quality assurance input programs of the responsible organizations and of partial programs of quality assurance for specific stages of the nuclear installation life cycle as set forth by the input program (e.g. design, construction, start up, operation, decommissioning etc.).

b. Review, approval and control of individual programs of quality assurance developed for the individual selected installations or groups of selected installations in accordance with the classification by their significance with respect to nuclear safety.

2. Inspections of quality assurance programs implementation

ÚJD inspectors use quality assurance-related inspections to also check how the responsible organization in question and its suppliers meet the requirements laid down by CSKAE Decree No. 436/1990 Coll., the criteria set forth by ÚJD decisions issued, and how they implement the approved documentation of quality assurance. As soon as the respective quality assurance program has been approved, inspection activities focus on the control of meeting of its individual requirements and on the practical implementation of the requirements, i.e. compliance of actual activities with approved documented procedures. The draft protocols of the inspections are consulted with the managers of the responsible organizations. If non-compliance is identified at selected installations concerning activities or documents, inspectors are authorized to order measures to eliminate such discrepancies. Inspections are performed according to the approved program, they have their objectives and a documentation format.

In addition to the above mentioned activities in the field of supervision of quality assurance regulation at selected installations, ÚJD is also responsible for the enforcement if requirements set forth in applicable generally binding legal regulations or ÚJD's decisions or by inspections are not met. As a rule, this is mostly done by negotiating with the responsible organization, withholding of approval of inappropriate quality assurance programs, follow-up or extraordinary inspections and - as a last resort - by imposing penalties.

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