National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.4.2 Quality Concept

The management s of SE-EBO, SE-EMO, SE-VYZ issued quality concepts which specify objectives and basic directions in providing for safe, reliable, efficient operation of nuclear power installations with minimum impact on the environment.

The Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne was established in 1994. It comprises plants also branche SE-EBO, SE-EMO, SE-VYZ. Gradually, the liability for nuclear and radiation safety has been transferred to the management of the Joint Stock Company. Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Company decided, in 1996, to set up a uniform quality system for the entire Joint Stock Company. SE a.s.'s quality concept was proclaimed, and Development and Implementation Project Plan was drafted. SE a.s.' Board of Directors has created all conditions for a unified Quality System within the entire Joint Stock Company.


  1. The major objective of Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne is to satisfy the requirements of the customers for a good quality and reliable supplies of electricity and heat.
  2. The Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne achieves the above objective through safe, reliable and efficient operation of power plants, thermal plants and the electricity grid, the safety of nuclear sources representing top priority at any stage of their life cycle.
  3. All activities are managed so as to minimize negative impacts on the environment, health and safety of the public and to comply with the applicable legal system, authorizations and decisions issued by the corresponding State regulatory authorities.
  4. Development, implementation and continuous maintenance of the quality system has been the basic tool for the achievement of this objective.
  5. The Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne has committed itself to develop and implement a unified and effective quality system for the entire Company which shall be in accordance with the requirements of the legal framework of the Slovak Republic, STN EN ISO 9000 standard series, and the International Atomic Energy Agency's series recommendations contained in document 50-C-Q.
  6. The main principles of the quality system are as follows:
  7. The development, implementation and continuous monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency, as well as further development of the quality system including employees training are the responsibility of the Board of Directors of Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne.
  8. Requirements of this Quality Concept shall be reflected in a Quality System Handbook and in the related Quality System documentation.
  9. This Quality Concept shall be binding to all employees who have to be informed about its content. Every employee shall be obliged to follow it, implement it, and take effective measures in developing and implementing the corresponding parts of the Quality System at his/her level of activities.
  10. Control of the compliance with the principles set forth by this Quality Concept shall be the responsibility of Director, Quality Assurance Department.

SE a.s.' Quality System is being set up as a single management system which includes all activities and processes running within SE a.s. and which meets the requirements of

SE a.s.' Quality System is structured

  1. SE a.s.'s Quality System Structure According to Company's Organization Structure
  2. SE a.s.'s Quality System (QS) consistis of :

      • Headquarters Quality System (H-SE)
      • Quality Systems of Branch Plants,
      • Model Management Documentation.

    The Figure below illustrates the SE a.s.' Quality System structure according to the Company's organization structure.

    The model management documentation for branch plants has the role of prescribing a model procedure of responsibilities and competencies for individual activities (processes) delegated to the branch plant with respect to the activity in question. Based on the model documentation, each branch plant ( SE-EBO, SE-EMO, SE-VYZ...) develops the documentation of its own Quality System. SE a.s.' Quality System applies to all organizational divisions of the Company.

  3. SE a.s.' Quality System Structure by Activities
  4. SE a.s.' Quality System is based on activities (processes) which are important for the fulfillment of Company's mission. Such activities have been selected so as to cover all processes performed at the individual production plants and organizational units of the Company and to account for the respective particularity. In other words, not only output product quality criteria but also any requirements put on electricity and heat production and distribution processes are accounted for, i.e. safety, reliability, efficiency, environmental protection. Owing to this, SE a.s. QS may be considered as a management system.

    The activities have been classified into three groups as follows:

      • Basic QS activities - activities derived from meeting the requirements of standards put on quality system; they are mostly implemented at each organizational unit.
      • Specific activities - of importance from the nuclear and radiation safety viewpoint; they include activities specific for the nuclear power sector, and their objective is to secure the meeting of the nuclear and radiation safety criteria and their control.
      • Additional specific activities - activities with respect to which no direct criteria of quality system standards have been specified but which affect the operation and the management of the Company to a significant extent or which may be specific for certain organizational units such as hydroelectric power plants, conventional power plants, transmission grid and/or the Directorate.

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