National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.4.1 History of SE a.s.' Quality System Establishment

The setting up and implementation of the Quality System (QS) of SE a.s. has been based on

SE-EBO, SE-EMO and SE-VYZ started with the establishment of their respective quality systems in accordance with CSKAE Decree No. 436/90 Coll. which provided for the requirements concerning the Nuclear Power Plant's Quality Assurance Program. The process started by issuing the above mentioned Decree in 1990. Operational Quality Assurance Programs were conceived in broader terms, exceeding the framework of the requirements of the above mentioned Decree. Therefore these programs are considered to be the quality system in branch plants which operate nuclear power installations. Experience from Western European nuclear power plants and/or companies operating NPPs such as MAGNOX ELECTRIC - United Kingdom, and IVO, Finland, were used in this process.

SE-EBO, SE-EMO, SE-VYZ currently have quality systems (Quality Assurance Programs) in place, and they meet the requirements set forth by the Slovak legislation. The systems however need continuous improvement along the lines of the growing requirements for quality assurance at nuclear power plants.

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