National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.3.4 Role of Regulatory Authority

Nuclear energy may only be used or business in the field of nuclear energy may only be done based on a license issued by ÚJD to a natural person or legal entity provided that such person or entity meets the requirements set forth by the Act No. 130/1998 Coll.ll.

Pursuant to the above mentioned Act, ÚJD specifies working activities which are directly relevant to nuclear safety. Only employees may perform such activities whose professional competence has been verified by an exam passed in front of the State Exam Board (hereinafter referred to as "Selected Employees). Also, ÚJD specifies, in accordance with the Act, the method, periods and conditions of verification of professional competence of such employees as well as the method of licensing of organizations for the delivery of training for Selected Employees and the approval of the educational programs and the method of training of Selected Employees.

Nuclear safety inspectors are authorized by the Act to verify professional competence of Selected Employees and to withdraw the license if necessary.

The verification method, periods and terms with respect to special professional competence of Selected Employees of nuclear installations, including the conditions for their licensing and the corresponding training have been set forth by CSKAE Decree No. 191/1989.

Requirements with respect to nuclear safety assurance upon the start up and operation of nuclear installations have been set forth by CSKAE Decree No. 6/1980. The Decree refers to employees of nuclear installations and sets forth criteria concerning the qualifications of such employees. The Decree provides that ÚJD shall regulate the overall preparation of the employees and verify the qualification of selected categories of employees whose activities have direct relevance to nuclear safety.

ÚJD Chairman appoints the members of the State Exam Board for the verification of professional competence of selected employees of nuclear installations. The State exam includes a written, oral and, if a change in working activities is concerned, also practical test. Successful passing of the exam qualifies the person to be licensed. ÚJD keeps files of all applications for State exams including copies of protocols on participation in the various parts of the basic training which is a precondition for obtaining the license. Also, ÚJD keeps records of all licenses issued for the performance of activities to Selected Employees, and keeps an updated list of all valid licenses.

For the above category of employees, ÚJD approves training programs for all parts of the basic training as well as training programs for the training concerning change in working activities, as well as post-training programs for employees transferred to a different type of nuclear installation.

In contrast to this category of employees, the second group of employees with relevance to nuclear safety do not participate, within the basic training course, in the training on full-scope simulator, and do not have to pass exams in front of State Exam Board to obtain license. ÚJD also approves training programs for all parts of the basic training of this group of employees as well as post-training programs for employees transferred to a different NPP type. ÚJD at the same time supervises the keeping to thus approved programs.

Regulatory activities based on Act No. 130/1998 Coll.ll. concerning nuclear installations staff training are performed through regular inspections. The inspection program is based on the monitoring of the compliance with the requirements of CSKAE Decree No. 6/1980, Section 4. During the inspection, the compliance with training plans as approved by the Authority as well as the implementation of training program according to the approved training programs are checked. Also, the compliance with NPP guidelines and regulations on criteria for education, professional training and mental capacities of NPP employees is checked. As a part of the inspection, also document files are checked on employees training.

Additional inspections are focusing on the system of retraining of NPP staff. Within the scope of such inspections, ÚJD checks the fulfillment of requirements for retraining of category 2 staff as well as the implementation of the training plan for category 1 staff. Also, the system of record keeping and document filing with respect to repeated staff training is checked within the scope of such inspections.

ÚJD uses inspections to regulate organizations licensed for deliver training to NPP employees. Inspections focus on the review of technical equipment and professional competence of the employees. Organization and records of NPP employee's training are checked within such inspections, along with the basic teacher's (trainer's) documents on NPP staff training, technical equipment of the organization and meeting requirements for the qualification to train Selected Employees of NPP. ÚJD renews, based on positive outcome of the inspection and review, the validity of the license based on which the organization is authorized to train NPP employees.

The technical equipment review also includes licensing and check-up of the simulator. Parameters and input data are verified within the scope of the review, random basis simulation of the technological process is controlled according to the selected scenario. Documentation of any simulator adjustments due to test results and/or due to realization of technical solutions and design changes concerning the unit is controlled. Also, technical and organizational background of simulator training as well as professional competence of simulator trainers is checked in the scope of an inspection. Educational approach, orientation in the training system, training delivery and appropriate evaluation of the participants are all assessed. This assessment of simulator training trainers is a part of the verification of trainers professional competence in front of State Exam Board. If all requirements are met and the exam is successfully passed, ÚJD issues licenses for the training of Selected NPP Employees.

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