National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.3.3 Methods to Detect and Remedy Human Failure

Detection of human failure and taking of measures to prevent such failure in the future is an integral part of the system of investigations of events at nuclear installations and their underying causes reasons. Teams of employees have been established for the purpose at the technical support divisions of NPPs to provide for feedback of events at nuclear installations (NIE). Details of the investigation procedures of events occurring at nuclear installations are described in Section 5.5.3. Below are only certain human factor-related aspects are mentioned.

Members of the feedback group assess the efficiency of the process on a regular basis. The results, together with suggested measures and recommendations are included in annual reports submitted to the NPP management for approval.

A total of 20 NIE due to staff failure were recorded in SE EBO in 1997 (25% of the total number), thereof 11 at NPP V-1 and 9 events at V-2.

The NPP staff is regularly informed on the results of the investigation of NIE reasons, and analyses of these investigations are presented during the training. In addition, such information is also available on the Company's computer network.

Also, application of experience from other countries has a significant effect on the prevention of human factor failures. This goes on at several levels:

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