National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.3.2 Methods to Prevent Human Failure

Several methods and systems are in place to prevent human failure. The most important of them include:

Operating and maintenance staff perform activities according to approved documentation which is kept, updated and supplemented on a regular basis in accordance with the requirements defined by the corresponding quality assurance standards (for details, see Section 5.3.3.).

Manipulations, activities and procedures not described in the applicable operating documentation may only be performed based on a special program developed and approved in advance.

A significant reduction of the probability of errors committed by the staff upon emergency or malfunction events and thus improved in-depth protection can be achieved by introducing symptom-oriented operating procedures. They have been developed in cooperation with the company Westinghouse (USA) for both NPP Bohunice V-2 and the Czech NPP Dukovany. The regulations are subject to validation and operation staff training how to use them, and they are expected to come into force soon. Also, similar procedures are at the same time under preparation for Mochovce and Bohunice V-1.

A system defining rules of work performance at NPP equipment is in place and described in QA standards to prevent errors committed by the staff during repair, maintenance works, reconstruction and design change implementation at technological equipment. The system includes the following types of permits:

Any work within the technological premises of a nuclear installation may only be performed provided one of the above orders has been issued. Any work performed by the daily staff must not be started, interrupted or terminated without informing the Shift Foreman and the equipment service crew and without obtaining their approval.



Equipment Testing

A significant reduction of the probability of errors committed by the staff during the testing of equipment is achieved by the application of an extensive "Surveillance Program" system (for details, see Section 5.3.3.).

Surveying Control Activities

The system of surveying control activities has been described in detail in the Quality System documents. It is subdivided into:


Other Measures Taken by Operator to Prevent Human Failure

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