National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.3.1 Management and Organization-Related Measures

Management Documents Related to Human Factor Influence

Operator shall be aware of the fact that the human factor is an important factor determining safe and reliable operation of nuclear installations. Special attention is therefore paid to human factor issues within the quality assurance system. Several QS standards listed below are relevant from this viewpoint:

Control and Survey Control by Managing Staff

The system of survey control by managing staff is described in detail in the QS document "Survey Control Activities of Managers". The objective is to introduce a systematic approach to maintain operation quality, and to introduce a system of control surveys to regularly check and document whether operation-related activities and procedures comply with the regulations, and to timely identify deficiencies. The documents clearly set forth the scope, content and periodicity of survey controls by managers of the various divisions and departments. The managers are regularly trained in issues of controls and their methods..

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