National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.1.3 Role of the Regulatory Authority

ÚJD performs tasks in the area of State administration imposed upon it by the Atomic Act No.130/1998 Coll. ll. and by its supporting legislation. This task consists, among others of licensing the use of nuclear energy.

The Authority participates in the improvement of nuclear safety by utilizing the results of scientific and technological development, international cooperation as well as cooperation with other State Regulatory bodies such as industrial safety and health protection, State Mining Administration, and others. The formulation of nuclear safety-related requirements is based on the applicable standards adopted by former Czechoslovakia, so-called ESN standards, standards of the former Soviet Union and, above all, on documents issued by the IAEA (Nuclear Safety Series - NUSS ), as well as on other IAEA documents (e.g. TECDOC). The IAEA guidelines developed in the framework of extrabudgetary programs (such as IAEA-EBP-WWER-01 through 11) are used for specific issue assessments.

If needed, the ÚJD takes care of the provision to other State bodies, national and international organizations and the public of adequate information on its mission and responsibilities and on the situation at nuclear installations.

The ÚJD is a State regulatory body in the field of nuclear safety of nuclear installations including selected installations. One major precondition of nuclear safety is the corresponding technical level of these installations.

With respect to the fulfillment of ÚJD's tasks in the field of regulation, the law provides that operators of nuclear installations have to provide free access to the Authority's staff to premises of the installations, and to workplaces, make them available any requested documents, information, and provide them with the necessary support.

ÚJD, working together with the involved central authorities of State administration, provides them with information on deficiencies identified and on measures ordered to be taken to eliminate such deficiencies.

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