National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

4.1.2 Nuclear and Radiation Safety Policy

Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Company Slovenské elektrárne adopted, on its meeting on November 17, 1997, the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Policy which reads as follows:

  1. Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. (public limited company) is a producer of electricity and heat, including from nuclear fuel sources.
  2. The Board of Slovenské elektrárne is ultimately responsible for nuclear and radiation safety matters, and it ensures the public that all activities relating to nuclear facilities - from site selection, design, construction, commissioning, operation to decommissioning, including radioactive waste and spent fuel treatment - are permanently under its control, with respect to public health and safety.
  3. The Board of Slovenské elektrárne delegates authority to specific members of the Company's executive management and operating plants, which ensure the proper administration and oversight of the nuclear facilities.
  4. Main principles of maintaining nuclear and radiation safety are:
  5. In order to fulfill the main principles of nuclear and radiation safety Company spend the necessary resources to ensure the continuing improvement of it's employees' education, qualification and skills.
  6. The Company's Nuclear and Radiation Safety Policy is obligatory for all its management and employees at nuclear facilities, who are all required to be aware with this Policy.
  7. The Director of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department is responsible for implementation of this policy, establishment of criteria for the evaluation of the level of nuclear and radiation safety and for their internal inspection.

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