National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

3.1.3 State Supervision in the Nuclear Safety Area

Slovak Republic took over the legal regulations passed under former Czechoslovakia. This concerns the following regulations concerning nuclear safety:

Standards and recommendations of International Atomic Energy Agency are used and applied in licensing process for nuclear installations.

Licensing Procedure for Nuclear Installations

The licensing procedure has three major steps: site selection, construction start and commercial operation. Prior to issuing a license for commercial operation, the regulatory authority performs controls according to approved non-active and active tests program, and approves fuel loading, physical start-up, power start up, and trial operation. Fig. 3.1.2. shows the main regulatory bodies and the commercial operation licensing process.

Fig. 3.1.2 Licensing procedure

To obtain a license, the main preconditions with respect to nuclear safety is the development and submission of a safety report and other prescribed documents, and meeting the criteria of preceding approval procedures and decisions issued by the respective regulatory bodies.

Environmental Offices of Regional Offices issue licenses concerning site selection, construction, commercial operation and decommissioning of nuclear installations based on approval issued by Nuclear Authority, Ministry of Health agencies and other State administration bodies and organizations. As far as permits and permissions by these bodies are concerned, they are regulated by act No. 50/1976 Coll. (Building Act), by Decrees of the Czechoslovak Atomic Energy Commission issued under Nos. 2/1978 Coll. and 4/1979 Coll., and Decrees of the Slovak Environmental Commission Nos. 376/1992 Coll. and 378/1992 Coll.

License holder is responsible for the safety of the nuclear installation.



Site Selection

Information required for approval of site selection from the viewpoint of nuclear safety include


Nuclear safety-related information required for obtaining a building permit include:


Nuclear safety-related information for commissioning licensing include:


Nuclear safety-related information for obtaining operation license include:


Nuclear safety-related information required for decommissioning include:

Regulatory Authority - ÚJD SR

The Slovak Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ÚJD) is the successor to the former Czechoslovak Atomic Energy Commission. It was established on January 1, 1993, and its responsibilities have been set forth by the act of National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 2/1993 Coll.ll. (so-called Competence Act). ÚJD is an independent State supervisory body reporting directly to the government and headed by government-appointed Chairman. The organigram of the Authority is illustrated in Fig. 3.1.4. The ÚJD staff in 1998 is 80.

Fig. 3.1.4 Organigram of the ÚJD


Tasks and Responsibilities of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority

Pursuant to act No. 130/1998 Coll.ll., the ÚJD exercises State supervision of nuclear safety of nuclear installations; it mainly

    • performs inspections of workplaces, operations and premises of nuclear installations, checking whether obligations as set forth by the Atomic Act, by regulations issued to support it, and operating instructions are complied with, along with keeping the limits and conditions of safe operation, quality assurance systems and obligations arising from decisions, measures and orders issued under the Atomic Act,
    • checks the compliance with commitments under international treaties the Slovak Republic is bound by in areas regulating nuclear safety-related criteria, handling of nuclear materials, radioactive wastes from nuclear installations and with the regulations concerning deposition of institutional radioactive wastes, handling of spent nuclear fuel, including keeping of records and control,
    • investigates on the spot the conditions, reasons and consequences of accidents and incidents and selected failures ; if an incident or accident is investigated by another body, it takes part as mandatory body in such investigation,
    • controls the performance of mandatory inspections, audits, operation controls and tests of selected equipment at nuclear installations,
    • orders elimination of events affecting nuclear safety,
    • evaluates, independently of the operator, nuclear safety of nuclear installations,
    • checks the contents and exercising of emergency plans.

ÚJD issues annual reports on the outcome of supervisory activities and on nuclear safety. The annual summary reports are submitted to the Slovak government.

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