National Report of the Slovak Republic - Radiation and Nuclear Safety , September 1998

3.1.1 Structure of Supervisory Bodies

Pursuant to act. No. 130/1998 Coll.ll. On Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy, supervision of the peaceful use of nuclear energy is the responsibility of government bodies and organizations within their jurisdictions as set by the respective acts. Fig. 3.1.1. shows a diagram of the responsibilities in this respect.

Fig. 3.1.1 Structure of regulatory authorities


Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (JD)

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority is a central body of State administration. It is responsible for State supervision of nuclear safety of nuclear installations, including supervision on handling of radioactive wastes, spent fuel and further stages of the fuel cycle, as well as of nuclear materials including their accounting and control. It is responsible for the review of nuclear energy use programs goals and of the quality of selected equipment and devices of nuclear technology, as well as for commitments of the SR under international agreements in the field in question.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is a central body of State administration for the area of health care, health protection and other activities in the health sector. In the field of health protection, State administration is exercised by Ministry of Health, State Regional Hygienists and State District Hygienists. In addition to other issues, the responsibilities of the Ministry include the setting of radiation limits and of conditions for disposal and storage of radioactive wastes from the aspect of their potential health-related impacts, methodological guidance in the field of health protection against the effects of ionizing radiation, and issuance of certificates for handling of ionizing radiation sources.

Ministry of Environment

The Slovak Ministry of Environment is a central body of State administration of the Slovak Republic for environmental creation and protection. The following institutions report to the Slovak Ministry of Environment:

Ministry of Interior

In addition to other matters, the responsibilities of Ministry of Interior include fire protection, comprehensive rescue system including protection of the public and property, public security of persons and property, and civil defense. In cases of nuclear and radiation accidents, it is also responsible for assistance to the public (Civil Defense Act No. 42/1994 Coll.ll., as amended from time to time).

Ministry of Economy

The Slovak Ministry of Economy is a central body of State administration of the Slovak Republic for (among others) the power sector, including nuclear fuel management and storage of radioactive wastes. It certifies imports and exports of special materials and equipment.


Safety at Work Office of the Slovak Republic (BP)

It is a central body of State administration for State professional supervision of safety at work and health protection, safety of technical equipment and compliance with the set working conditions.

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